Tired, sore, cranky- I am all of these things today. My glucose levels have been all over the damn place today- too high, then too low, then high again, then FINALLY normal after supper tonight… and I was BAD and ate a couple of these biscuits with dark chocolate that I absolutely should NOT have had- but I ate them anyway and that was the first normal result I had all day, so the dietitian can kiss my ass….

Inlaws have gone again- only to visit the other children for a few days- they’ll be back on Friday and then staying another week. Then they are flying back home for a couple weeks before they come back here for baby-time. Hubs and I have been discussing going out to see them in late August too since everyone will be off for the summer holidays- and we could certainly use a small family vacation. We have tonnes of other family out in that area too- it will be nice to visit if we can.

In pregnancy news- my pelvis hates me. I seem to be having some ligament issues- I was born with external rotation in my hips, which basically means that my ligaments are super stretchy and flexible. This makes my husband very very happy- but me, not so much. My hips dislocate fairly easily, and in pregnancy the ligaments just kinda flow in the breeze. This hurts like a motherfucker!!! And has also given me a relatively mild case of symphisis pubis disfunction… this makes me want to basically cut off everything from my waist down… I’ve been to a shop in town that sells pregnancy support belts that should help- they had JUST sold the last one, but hopefully will have more in by the end of this week- and they are calling me to come and get one. Woo!! I think a huge part of the problem isn’t even so much the excess flexibility, but the fact that bedrest causes EVERYTHING to stiffen up- so when I move… it’s like a marionette who’s strings have been plastered with glue and left to dry…

Baby is doing well- kicking up a storm, and hopefully moving into better position. Because it’s a long weekend I haven’t heard from the internal specialist or the U/S dept. yet. I would imagine I’ll be hearing from both tomorrow…

As far as that goes- the weekend has really DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGED on for what feels like forever… and I am definitely to the point of being sooooo DONE with pregnancy. I’m sick of worrying and having to stab myself, and wondering what the hell else can go wrong. I want to be able to walk again (preferably without feeling like someone is trying to rip my legs out of my hip sockets or yank my crotch off). I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to not have any more contractions!! Mostly, I’m just impatient- I want my baby NOW dammit!!! Of course- for baby’s sake, I will tolerate the invasion of my mutilated body for a few weeks more…. or five… possibly six… depending on when Dr. hasn’t had a chance to piss me off yet decides to pull my stitches….

Oh- yeah.. THAT… I pretty much forgot to mention- My OB is going away. For three weeks- then back for 3 days… then gone for another 3 weeks. She won’t be back until the 12th of July… which would put me at 38 weeks… I have never been more grateful for the fact that I’m not shy and will pretty much show my bidness to anyone with a medical licence in my life… and I seriously hope beyond all hope that the OB I’m GOING to be seeing is not a total FAIL doc like the other two in my OB’s practice. Because yeah- she’s going to be doing the FUN stuff- stitch removal and delivery. I’m a little nervous, I don’t know a lot about this OB, she’s fairly new in these parts- I’ve never heard anything but compliments about her, but still- I’m a demanding, know-it-all bitch of a patient… and I have had a severe lack of control in this pregnancy, and therefore I’m all up in the “delivery will be done MY WAY or ELSE” kind of mind frame. Which may cause some clashing… we’ll have to see- I see her the 3rd of June (she doesn’t do Mat patients on Wednesdays… fucks my *schedule* right up! lol) I hope I like her… and that she is GOOOOOOD… because um- yeah… I am a demanding know-it-all bitch of a patient. And I’m hormonal and cranky dammit!! But whatevs for now… I think I’m going to have my nighttime snack, soak my aching body for a bit and then go to bed… gawd.. it’s not even 8 at night and I’m ready for bed… gah!!

Take care everybaaawwwwwwdeee!!!