But because I am FULL of the awesome, I somehow managed to realize that it is in fact Wednesday! And so it’s time for the mid-week update! wooooo!!! Aren’t y’all soooo excited!!???

How far along? 31 weeks 4 days…. yeah… that’s right… I’m rocking the 30’s!!

Total weight gain/loss: Fat girl is ROCKING the weight gain- only 18 lbs gained! woot!

Maternity clothes?: I live in jammies.. unless I have to leave my house.. and then I’m rocking the stretchiest maternity I own because- hai, I’m a fucking land yacht!!

Stretch marks? I said I was gonna change this question… So I am: Blood Sugar? absolute crap- somehow I’m managing to have higher blood glucose levels when I’m fasting than I do AFTER eating… the hell?? my body doesn’t have a hot f’n clue what the hell it’s supposed to be doing!!

Labor signs: the usual contractions… Had a rough evening last Friday. After all the excitement of diabetic counselling and such, I had a stretch of about 2 1/2 hours where I was contracting  every 1/2 hour… needless to say I laid my ass down and relaxed and I’m still here…

Sleep: I’ve bombarded my bed with pillows… there is almost no room for hubby left. I’ve been up to pee less this week, but because of the “comfort measures” in my bed, I wake up more when I DO have to pee because I have to extricate myself from all the pillows!!

Best moment this week: mum and dad were here and it was really nice… and all my curtains arrived and are even more wonderful than I imagined!! I love decor!! 😛

Worst Moment this week: Do I have to pick just one?? The worst is that my fasting sugar is high- like, I get up in the morning after not eating for 12+ hours and my blood sugar is high- wtf can I do about that???!!! Not a whole lot that diet changes are gonna do there… FUCK!!! Also- we’ve had the shittiest wind EVER for the last few days- it totally bitch-slapped my gazebo, which I now have to replace instead of getting the sexy conversational set I was going to buy to put under it… double FUCK!!! argh!!!

Movement: lots and lots- feels like I have a little octopus in there… been talking to baby and trying some unconventional methods to get baby to turn…. had my husband talking to my cootch because the interwebs told me that it can encourage baby to turn head down- apparently babies will move to get closer to sound/heat/light…. figure it’s worth the try!!

Food cravings/aversions: I’m becoming averse to ALL food… because so far it seems no matter WHAT I bloody eat, my sugars are going to be an asshole…. I’ve been having a love affair with strawberries- and apparently one serving is TWO CUPS of strawberries- who knew they were so full of the awesome and low in sugar!!??

Belly Button in or out?: Mangled… it’s not in, it’s not out… If I absolutely had to pick one or the other, I’d say innie.. but it looks right fucked up!! The scar from gall bladder surgery that used to be IN my belly button, is actually about an inch below my belly button now and more innie than my belly button is right now…. and I totally just tried to take a picture of it with my web cam and FAIL… do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own belly button…. especially when you can’t even SEE said belly button??? And the picture really didn’t show what I wanted it to anyway… so whatevs..

What I miss: Not worrying about what I eat every single second of every single day… and also not having to stab myself six times a day…

What I am looking forward to: Not having to stab myself anymore…

Weekly Wisdom: Fuck you diabetes!!! You suck!!! (ok, so not really wise but I just took my blood sugar and it sucked HARD and so I’m kinda pissy right now)

Milestones: ummm….

Symptoms: soreness… lower back, crotch, hips, abdomen… I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t pregnant I’d TOTALLY have six-pack abs by now… there’s no way humanly possible to have contractions like this every day for 11 weeks and not have awesome abs!! too bad I won’t ever reap the benefits of it!! I just keep telling myself that it’s going to make labour SOOOOOOOO much easier!!