So, as I said- my diet was not bad… with the EXTRA restrictions I’ve given myself due to the whole Gestational Diabetes debacle I managed to completely NOT control my blood sugars- but I DID lose 3 lbs in the last week… oh wait- I’m not supposed to be losing ANY weight… even though I was overweight to begin with, I’ve now only had a net gain of 15 lbs in this pregnancy. Which is not so good.

The good news: I FINALLY get to stab someone!!! Legally!!! The not-so-good news: that person is ME… twice a day now, I get to take insulin… oh goody goody gosh!!


I’m still feeling pretty positive though… I picked up a maternity support belt, and my hips, lower back and pelvic floor are all feeling much MUCH better! I can actually roll over in bed now without wanting to scream, or having tears come to my eyes- also, walking has become easier too- it doesn’t feel like everything in my abdomen is going to come falling out my cooch!! I know, it seems like such a small thing… it’s really not!!

As for the injections- I have to admit I was nervous. I had an appt. with the dietitian at public health- they also had the nurse come in to “teach” me how to give myself insulin. I was confident that there wasn’t much she could show me, which was correct- I’m only taking one type of insulin, so I don’t have mix insulins or anything. I’ve TAUGHT people how to self-inject before as a nurse… soooo I was thinking, how bad can this be?? Well, I can tell you that the first time you stab YOURSELF with a needle is SOOOOOOO way different than stabbing other people. I was shaking and hot, I was absolutely TERRIFIED!! But I did it- I actually poked myself in the belly with an insulin needle… and because I closed my eyes- I actually had to open them to make sure the needle was in because I didn’t feel it AT ALL!!! Woooo!! I must say, I have a whole new level of appreciation towards the women who have to do injectables- you ladies are INCREDIBLE!! Poking yourself with needles is HARD!!! Even when you are completely comfortable with needles. (Which I am- I’m one of those freaky people that WATCHES them poke me when I get blood drawn- usually laughing that they’ve missed the vein!!) So that’s that… The excitement for the day is pretty much over- I get to chill at home and relax for a bit before heading BACK to the city to take my daughter to the clinic for HER appointment with the pediatrician. That should be an interesting discussion- I’m thinking that she may need a dosage increase on HER medication because we have been having significantly more problems lately- to the point of her waking up at 3 am and not being able to get back to sleep even…. we’ll see how that goes… what her doc has to suggest. I trust him implicitly to give the best advice and not be a total ass to me- I used to work with him… so I know he’s good!!! 😛

Also, before I forget to mention: Also on the agenda this morning was the routine maintenance on our pretty pretty baby RAV… so in order to do our bits of running from clinic to public health and back to get the car our dealership has a courtesy shuttle- well, I must say that to the guys out there: YOU SUCK!! The girls who were driving the shuttle today both commented on how “PERFECT” my husband was- simply for the fact that he helped me into the vehicle (it was high, I am short and hugely pregnant!) and for opening and holding doors for me. Ok, so maybe this is a huge deal to most people- but SERIOUSLY!!??? This is the type of thing that used to be EXPECTED of men- not something that made a man the perfect husband… My hubs actually joked that he probably could have gotten a double-teamed blow job from them if he’d mentioned that he ALSO does all the cooking and cleaning right now! I thought it was hilarious!!! I admit- I DO have an awesome husband, but it also saddens me that more men aren’t like him. Courteous, and well-mannered and attentive. It’s also nice to have it reinforced that I most definitely have a keeper- not that I really needed the reminder!! Husband- if/when you read this: I love you- and you are incredible!! And of course- the PERFECT husband!!! Even when you’re aggravating the shit out of me or playing WoW!!! 😛

And that’s all for now folks!!