Appointments galore this month!! This week I have OB and an ultrasound/fetal assessment, next week the internal doc again, the week after I see the OB and also have a happy happy appt. to FINALLY get the undercarriage taken care of!!!

I’m 32 weeks now, and things are falling into place. I’m a bed rest hero (so says my OB) she is wildly impressed with how I’ve been holding up, especially considering all the CRAP I’ve had to endure… (or NOT crapping as the case has been more often than not of late… thank god for pink lemonade met@mucil!!) The insulin is going well- I got slightly offended at the public health nurse who called today and was all surprised at my grasp of how to best manage my own insulin shots (HAI- I used to be a nurse… I’ve TAUGHT other people diabetes management!!!) But meh- I know I’m smart! Who cares if some overpaid glorified desk monkey who calls herself a nurse doesn’t recognize my brilliance??!!

Not much else is going on.. the insulin shots really aren’t so bad- I’ve had to up my evening dose by one unit- and I’m going to have to start getting up earlier so that I can eat at the insulin peak of the type of insulin I’m using occurs. That sucks, but I will live- I know for a fact that I am capable of getting up earlier (just not a very pleasant person to be around) but I am most definitely NOT capable of going to bed any later… even if I nap every day.

And that is all.. I know… not much… but I am le tired and need  nap… also, there’s really not much to say- I get up, stab myself, eat, wait an hour, stab myself again, wait a couple hours, stab myself, eat, wait an hour, stab myself again… I’ve run out of things to buy (HAVE been looking at new furniture for my living room though- hubs and I still can’t totally agree on a price point though- so I have to wear him down some more)… so there really isn’t much going on… Will keep everyone posted as the week goes on- here’s hoping we get a good view of Peanut’s “bits” on Thursday!! THEN I will most definitely have some more shopping to do!!! 😛