How far along? 32 + 4

Total weight gain/loss: I lost 3 lbs last week- so I’m at a net gain of 15 lbs… go me!

Maternity clothes?: I have like, one pair of maternity pants that still fit comfortably, and a pair of leggings that aren’t maternity but rock my world… I count myself lucky that I almost never have to leave my house at this point because finding things to fit my gargantuan ass is getting really really difficult!!!

Blood Sugar? Good- except for the fasting… it’s chewing my ass… and getting me down a bit- do you have ANY idea how hard it is to control a blood sugar level that you REALLY have no control of??? I’ve tried eating a snack later at night, taking my insulin later in the eve, getting up earlier, increasing my evening insulin dose.. pretty much everything possible to lower that fasting blood sugar- none of it has worked- it’s still high!!! All my other levels though have been really good… So I still count myself as successful…

Labor signs: Just a general feeling of “ugh”… still contracting… been taking red raspberry leaf tea to try to tone everything up in preparation for “D day”… some cervical twinges- and I’m pretty sure baby has FINALLY moved into a better position… I’ll find out for sure tomorrow at my ultrasound.

Sleep: I could pretty much sleep all day, every day… except that I toss and turn a lot…. so even when I sleep, it’s pretty patchy sleep at best… but I’ll take whatever the heck I can get!!

Best moment this week: PMG has been super well behaved this week… we had a conversation about nipples- which was cool… I like that she feels comfortable and not awkward at all telling me/ asking me about things. I’m hoping this continues into her teen years!!

Worst Moment this week: Frustration over the weekend related to my GD… I had a big meltdown and cried a bunch and just felt miserable. Hormones and fluctuating blood sugar levels, being pregnant and having to REALLY strictly control my diet all make for a very emotional woman!! I’ve been doing pretty good keeping a positive attitude and keeping my chin up- but it’s hard when it feels as though I just get used to one complication, and another one crops up!!

Movement: Tonnes!! And I’m pretty sure baby has finally shifted positions!! Kicks are in a different spot and you can see from my belly even that baby isn’t sitting COMPLETELY sideways anymore… here’s hoping he/she moved head down and didn’t just move back into breech!!

Food cravings/aversions: I want a glass of wine… desperately. Or a steak with a huge loaded baked potato with a fresh salad and a beer. I want cake… and I would almost kill someone for ice cream!!

Belly Button in or out?: apparently it’s flat, as pointed out by my daughter (PMG) who thinks is hilarious… she was poking at it last night, at which point Peanut/Skeletor/Little Beast was kicking her back… it was totally awesome…

What I miss: ice cream… and wine… I do a lot of WHINING to make up for it… bahahahaahaaha…. get it??? I know, I’m lame…

What I am looking forward to: being able to drink a glass of wine once in a while- or have a beer with dinner… NOT having to stab myself 8 bloody times a day!! Having sexual activity that doesn’t involve sore-as-hell wrists and biceps…

Weekly Wisdom: “it’s like spinning a big mood wheel. Come on Happy! Happy! Happy… Sad…Happy…Sad..Horny..Horny!! Horny!! aaaah Bitchy! SHIT!” – in reference to my mood lately…

Milestones: nesting… not so full of the awesome when standing/ doing any activity more than 10-15 mins causes serious contractions…. It’s driving me nuts to not be physically able to do the things that I see NEED doing… if I could I’d be on hands and knees scrubbing my floors… and probably re-washing every bit of laundry in my house… and de-cluttering and and and….. I can’t- so that kinda sucks.. I’ve been doing little things though- like the day before yesterday- I tidied up the downstairs bath… it needs a serious decor overhaul though let me tell you!! It’s almost embarrassing… and that’s the bath that gets used when we have company… eeek!!!

Symptoms: tired, bitchy, sore, DONE… started nesting- it’s been interesting!!