I will ever wonder why doctors don’t listen to me…

I am always right… and once again, I am right!!

U/S was awesome- baby was hiding the bits STILL… I’ve got a shy little toe-sucker apparently! 😛 Babe HAS indeed moved head down, as I suspected he/she had done just yesterday. Explains the contractions and cramping I’ve had over the last 24 hours… which, is totally ok because *drum roll please*

I am in fact closer to 35 weeks. Even accounting for baby being large due to the diabetes. Which therefore means… I GET TO DELIVER SOONER!!!! hooray!!!!! Looks like my doc just may get to deliver this peanut after all, since my next appointment on the 16th will be in the 37th (by MY dating) week.


Now I’m off to soak in a nice warm tub and think happy thoughts….

Oh yeah- and I almost forgot- I managed to wrack up yet ANOTHER complication: low hemoglobin… so I get to take iron supplements now too!! Go me!! I just totally rock at this pregnancy thing eh??