So officially, my due date has been moved. HOORAY!! The mat-nurse who was doing my NST and I both decided that my OB is a crackhead because there’s no possible way I’m not due until the 26th of July. The new due date: July 9th. Which means, as of TOMORROW I am 36 weeks!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Which means, that for certain, the latest I will be waiting for these stitches to come out is next Wednesday, the 16th… Unless the contractions/back labour don’t stop… and then well.. yeah…

Also, the nurse from Monday’s NST is apparently a crackhead too. The nurse who looked at my results today was like, this is PERFECT. It’s exactly what we want to see… I don’t know what the hell she was talking about… I said that I thought she was just bored. We both laughed. So yeah… super super excited!! I can’t believe this baby is almost here… of course, being me, I’m impatient and want it to be next Wednesday NOW!!! Me wants BEBE!!!

So other than being exceedingly uncomfortable, with baby down in my pelvis, I’m getting a lot less ligament pain- but ohhhh the contractions… they’re starting to get a little intense.. still not regular, I’ll get one or two that are 15-20mins apart, then nothing for a couple of hours… but when I get em…. hoooooooooooo boy! I’m just so excited I could spit!! We’ve finally made it!! This wee one is finally gonna be here, alive and healthy!! yay!!!