Guess where I spent most of the day??

yep… L & D… contractions were pretty close together and pretty strong, but apparently my ute has performance anxiety because you get that monitor on me and they start to taper off. Peanut is happily kicking away and napping in cycles… cervix is apparently soft and very very short, but still closed and sutures are holding well. I’m home for a bit waiting to hear the results of the fetal fibronectin test that will tell me if labour is inevitable and I have to go in and be admitted to the hospital. My OB is actually back this weekend and on-call, so that is good news at least. She still doesn’t want to take out the stitches for at least another week… she’s being super duper cautious about taking the stitches too soon. I’m more worried that they’ll take them too late!! Right now… it’s just wait and see….

Will keep y’all updated!!


ffn was negative… doc has basically said “do less”… um…. HOW???!!! I’m on flippin bedrest!!! gah!!! So yeah… blech… Part of the problem is that she refuses to admit she had a damn brain fart when she came up with my due date… every. single. other person has said- yep, she musta been smoking something that day, INCLUDING the resident who went over everything with me today. Even the doc admitted “we’re both right” and made up some damn thing about me being 36 weeks gestation, but baby is only 33+ because fetal age is two weeks behind the weeks pregnant so blah blah blah… what a pain in my ass!!! Um… so I’m still 35-36 weeks then? But you’re not pulling the stitch… yeah, thanks! ugh!!!! I understand she wants baby in as long as possible- her goal is to get me to 38… but seriously?? Low iron and ripped cervix… that seems a wee bit more risky at this point than a baby, whose measuring large anyway, coming all of what? two weeks before then? ach… so  back to my regularly scheduled program of hurting like hell, stabbing myself 8 times a day and iron poos…. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!