How far along? not far enough….

Total weight gain/loss: lost another pound… so back to a net gain of 15lbs… I rock the fat-girl pregnancy apparently because this is dead-on where I should be in terms of weight gain.

Maternity clothes? smaternity clothes… who needs clothes… all I needs is an air conditioner and my kobo*…

Blood Sugar? i’m rockin it… and I’ve been “sneaking” treats…. having a vietnamese iced coffee as we speak.. and it is sweet sweet goodness…. *drool*

Labor signs: same as before… contracting, feeling pressure, having some light-pink (almost clear and barely-there) spotting just starting up today…

Sleep: sorely missed..

Best moment this week: it was magical and made me smile for all of the blissful 30 seconds of afterglow I got before I had to race to the bathroom.. that’s right y’all… I had an ORGASM AND IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!!! oh.. and PMG came home tonight… she’s doing awesome, although covered in mosquito bites that are driving her crazy… I missed her… we had some cuddle time and it was bliss! 😀

Worst Moment this week: um… waking up still pregnant every morning… yes- I realize I shouldn’t bitch because even a month ago I would have given my left tit to be where I am now… but I don’t care… I”m a selfish pregnant-in-the-summer bitch… I have accepted it… now you may deal with it too.. or stop reading… 😛

Movement: most especially during NSTs… this child HATES having anything pressing on “tha bell-eh”… can’t say I blame him/her… there’s not a whole lotta room… especially for a humongous beast of a child.

Food cravings/aversions: Food is not my friend right now… even with air conditioning it’s just too bloody hot and humid to want food… weird for me is that I’m not craving salads.. because normally- I’d be all over that… I don’t even want salads right now!!

Belly Button in or out? spin the wheel… sometimes it’s still sorta mangled-y in… other times it’s all out all the time…

What I miss: swimming, cycling, going for walks, working outside in the yard…. um pretty much anything that extends beyond the realm of “do nothing and stay cool” as per the OB’s instructions…

What I am looking forward to: winning the lottery… my odds of winning are almost starting to look better for that happening than they are of me EVER getting these damn stitches out and delivering this baby…

Weekly Wisdom: So I was thinking today, but that’s as far as I got before it gave me a headache…. heh

Milestones: another week…. no one stabbed… that’s what?? 15??? 16??? I am a superhero!!!!

Symptoms: bitchy, more bitchy, slightly less bitchy… contracting… I have a hemorrhoid that I’m pretty sure would jump out and bite someone if they got close enough. (hooray for iron supplements!!!)

*for those who have NO idea what a kobo is (which is probably EVERYONE who reads this)- it’s an e-reader… very sexy and my new best friend… it’s like kindle, except “made” in canada and about 1/4 of the price… 😀