Still have a cold… doc is hoping it clears up before we get this show on the road… she said if I have ANY pain/cramping/contractions that she will pull the stitch any time this week… woohoo!!! So here’s hoping for some wicked contractions so I can get this gigundo baby OUT!! Speaking of gigundo… apparently even the DOC thinks I’m huge… she even asked today if there was only one….. gah!!

As far as the rest of life, last day of school for PMG is tomorrow, then a day of “rest”, then CANADA DAY!!! Which means 4 day weekend!! wooo!!! PMG takes off on Sunday with bio-dad’s parents for a four-day camping trip… I will have to do some shopping before she goes methinks because the dratted child decided to grow about 6 inches in the last six months and so most of her summer clothes are highly inappropriate unless she were a stripper or hooker… short-shorts on a nine-year old= not as cute as you might think!! Especially when paired with tops that don’t cover her belly button!! So yeah… as much as I LOOOVE the shopping… I’m not looking forward to shelling out a bunch of cash for outfits that are going to come home looking like they’ve been through world war 3… but what can ye do???

Here’s hoping the currently pissed off cervix continues to irritate my contracting uterus so I can go to the hospital and get this show on the road!!