No… I haven’t had the baby… but I could swear that the doc who pulled the stitches literally shit his drawers when he bumped into me at the clinic this morning! He just stopped and stared at me slack-jawed and I said, “yep, I’m STILL pregnant”.

So the OTHER doc who’s been seeing me while my regular doc is away did a stretch-n-sweep this morning… all I can say for that is: ACK!

Definitely not comfortable… and now I’m even more crampy but not really contracting too much… still only 3cm dilated but apparently my membranes are bulging so it’s only a matter of time… le sigh… I want it to be NOW!!! I have an appointment booked for next Wednesday with my regular doc who will be back… If I’m STILL pregnant then, we’re looking at induction as our next option… which is still better than a C-section… I just wish this stubborn little brat would get OUT already!! This is sincerely starting to feel like some sick cosmic joke…

Dear baby:

please vacate.