I live in the biggest shithole on earth with the shittiest hospital in existence!

Guess who showed up at the hospital bright and early this morning? And got sent fucking home after waiting for almost 2 flippin HOURS, got a stress test and then told “we have too many other women in labour so you have to wait until we can induce you- maybe after supper.” Well it’s after supper and my husband is currently on HOLD on the phone waiting to talk to someone at the hospital to find out what the FUCK is going on with my induction. aaaaaaaaaand… he just got told to call back in five minutes because the person who answered the phone is from the OTHER desk and knows jack shit. Great…

If I’d been induced this morning when I was SUPPOSED to be- I’d be fucking DONE by now!!!!

I am aggravated and feeling quite full of the wrath right now…. god I can’t wait until we can move the hell away from here. What a useless crappy piece of shit hospital!!!

**update** one of the useless twits at the hospital finally got on the phone with my husband… their answer: “come in the morning and we’ll do another non-stress test and reasses you”