Picked up this: 30-Day Blog Journal from MoJo‘s blog and decided to give it a try. I am weak-sauce though, so blogging every single day for a whole month, even with pre-set topics might not happen… but here goes nothing!!

Day One: My favorite song.

Right now, my favorite song is THIS one:

I love this band a whole lot- pretty much every song on their latest album touches me in some way for some reason. The video too, for this song has a strong message for me. In the end, the singer and “his girl” are together and even though the world is ending (in the video), there is a sense that as long as they are together, everything will be alright. After the ups and downs and hardships my husband have endured in our short 5 years together, this is ultimately our feelings too- as long as we stick together, as long as we don’t let each other go, we will make it. And so, I listen to this song, and more often than not cry like a little bitch… but it means something to me, and that is why it is my favorite song.