For day two of the 30-Day Blog Journal, we have to tell readers our favorite movie. Which is friggin impossible!!! If you find me someone that can unequivocally state ONE movie that is their absolute favorite movie of all time- I will suck my own toes*!!!

So um… yeah… favorite movie, well let’s just start by putting this out there and saying: it is absolutely NOT Twilight… I HATE those movies… all of them… I am eternally grateful to my inlaws for taking my daughter to see Eclipse and will owe them for the rest of my life for the fact that I did not have to be subjected to it. The first two movies made me alternately want to stab myself in the forehead, and curl up in the fetal position in a rubber room. Heh- I am full of the win, I can’t pick a favorite- but, hey! I have a LEAST favorite- that counts for SOMETHING right??

But that’s not what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing, I’m supposed to be telling y’all what my favorite movie is… and the truth is, the one movie I go back to time and time again, is Van Wilder. It’s funny, it doesn’t make me think at all (total zombie time yo!), and well, it might as well be porn because- um HELLO!! Ryan Reynolds= holy f’n hot batman!!! *drool* Pretty much anything that is funny works for me. Stupid funny, rom-coms, slapstick… Yep… that’s me! Also like my comic book and action movies. Iron Man is another fave at our house and as much as it pains me to admit it, the new Star Trek movie (we even picked it up in BLURAY) tickles my nethers. (helllllo scotty!!! -yes, I am THAT much of a nerd that I would totally hump Simon Pegg’s leg… Sean of the Dead- another fave… heehee, zombies are awesome!! ooooh- speaking of Zombie movies I laughed so hard I cried watching Zombieland…) also, I love Transformers- would love it a whole lot more if Megan Fox WASN’T in them… (seriously? is it IMPOSSIBLE to find a female sex symbol in Hollywood who is NOT braindead???) but um.. yeah… I guess no one’s really watching that movie for intellectual stimulation… and robots. are. COOL!!!! I also love the movie Serenity in a way that’s probably not altogether healthy… even though I’d be a whole lot happier if the Firefly series wasn’t cancelled after ONE bloody season. (if there are any FOX representatives listening- YOU SUCK!!! Firefly was AWESOME!! burn corporate scumbags burn!!!)

Let’s just sum up and say I’m a tomboy nerd. And that’s the movies I love… 😛

*disclaimer* it may take me a long, looooooong time to actually be able to perform this feat- I just had a baby dammit, I am short, fat, and while very bendy ordinarily, 5 months of couch-rest kinda fuck up the joints a wee bit!

** Bonus video!! This video is the only thing Twilight-related that I like! Please, if you are offended easily, don’t watch.