Continuing the 30-Day Blog Journal

Day Three: My favorite TV Show

So, we are not TV people- we do not have satellite, nor do we subscribe to cable. However, there are certain shows that tickle my insides. Right now my faves are probably a tie between True Blood and Weeds (see, I’m not a total vamp-hater, just the sparkly, angsty, emo ones!! :P). During “prime” season I ❤ Dexter and House like no one’s business… which ties in quite nice with yesterdays theme… men whose legs I’d like to hump*… /sigh…

*Yes, it’s been a while and I am deprived depraved deprived… it’s been a really long goddamn time dammit!!! Visual orgasm is the best it gets in my world for at least another 4 weeks!!!

**Speaking of deprived- funny story: (contains TMI so you may want to skip it…) I was laying on the table being stitched… (yes- f’n OW!! Why is it always my nethers being stitched?? Why can’t I be like NORMAL people and get stitches in like, my finger or something???!!!) So yeah- having JUST given birth to a 9+lb baby, and I’m being stitched and someone (I can’t remember if it was my doc or the nurse) asked me what I was going to ask my husband to reward me with for doing such an awesome job… My reply without even skipping a beat:


And that is all for today!! 😛