And I am in this one too… heh… even though you wouldn’t recognize me! Today’s post for the 30-Day Blog Journal is a photo that makes me sad. As I said in my “favorites” post, Halloween is my favorite holiday of all, and my in-laws used to have an AWESOME spook house. This photo is a picture of my family, with my in-laws, and two of hubby’s cousins (the kids on the left). This photo makes me sad because we won’t be having any more Halloweens there. Mum and dad are retired now, and I am so so happy for them, but sad for me because they’ve moved so far away. My own family is the epitome of fucked up, and I truly rejoice in my husband’s very close-knit family and have wholeheartedly taken his parents as my own. I miss them… and so this picture, with it’s reminders of how much fun we all had/have together and how much I really FIT with this family and what they mean to me, makes me sad, in a nostalgic way.