Um… heh… see, the thing is… when you are totally sleep deprived and think you are superwoman you do things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do… like sign up to be a part of this 30-Day Blog Journal… which in theory, is awesome sauce!! But in reality is hard as hell to do, and then you have a day where you are just so. flippin. TIRED… and you totally FORGET to post that day… yeah, so I am fail!

So, I am going to do two posts in one. For day 11 we were to post a recent picture of ourselves… so… I used my web cam to take a picture RIGHT NOW of me and post it… wearing no makeup.. with hair not did.. and wearing one of my husband’s button-up shirts…

me, my bushy eyebrows and chins

Yes, you are reading that right, I said CHINS… thank you PCOS for the fat face- I love you I really really do!!

For Day 12, the subject is something you are OCD about. Well, there’s a lot of things I am OCD about. Clean bathrooms are one… seriously, most days you could safely drink out of my toilet bowl. Also, I am OCD about my kitchen. Things go in certain places and if they are not in that place then my head will explode. I am also really OCD about the folding of the laundry- most especially towels and tshirts. oh- and pants too… My number one OCD though is probably my appliances. I have stainless steel that I insist on polishing at least once a week and it has to be done EXACTLY so… if you polish in circles, or off the “grain” lines…. I lose my mind… and if there are streaks- I will re-polish them… fingerprints, ditto… I use a really nice mineral oil stainless steel polish though, that smells citrusy and helps protect against fingerprints and such and makes them oh so shiny and pretty… yeah… if you really want to see things I am OCD about, you could probably just go back and read my blog!! lmao I’m sure there are lots of entries that show my OCD tendencies… and so now that I’m caught up here… I’m going to go catch up on sleep!! Laters!