Um…. yeah… for today’s entry in the 30-Day Blog Journal, we are to write about a fictional book. I must admit I’m kind of confused because I already wrote about my favorite book. So, here’s a fictional book that isn’t one of MY favorites, but does feature in my life quite frequently, and I must admit, I do like very much….

How To Speak Dragonese

PMG LOOOOOOVES this series of books. They are lighthearted, and funny, and full of all kinds of nonsense. The movie was quite good too I’ve heard (Nana and Grumpy got to take PMG to this one). I can honestly say, there is almost no better feeling in the world as a parent, and lover of books, than to hear your child in gales of laughter come running to you to tell you something she found hilarious in a book. To know that she is enjoying reading so much- makes me proud and happy. And now… I have another daughter who is NOT so happy and looking for food to tend to… So, if you want to know more about how to train your dragon… go to their website here .