So… I’m like, super behind on the 30-Day Blog Journal… but I AM still determined to finish. And since I’m feeling kinda good, and have my hair extensions in and thus cannot go for a nap (I HAVE fallen asleep with these dastardy, but oh so very pretty things in before- sooooo not good!!) I am going to try to catch up… and then, depending on how I am feeling, I will then post another entry mooning over my now one month old baby girl… yes- holy crap and bejeebus it’s been a whole month already!!! Where the hell did the time go???!!

And now, without further ado…
Day 14- A non-fictional book: for me, I’m currently READING a just-purchased non-fictional book. I joked to my husband that it was my two favorite things in one book- food and porn!!


Not really porn, but seriously- how many of you WOULDN'T hump this man's leg??

Yum!! Food and a very well-put together, well dressed, fabulously rich man who can cook and is fastidious about a clean kitchen… A match made in heaven I tells ya! The accent is something else that tickles me… always had a thing for accents!! So yeah.. that’s what I’m going through right now, and now that we’ve discovered that my husband CAN indeed eat seafood if cooked properly without becoming ill- oh hellz to the yeah!! I’m in heaven!! Cooking heaven, but heaven nonetheless…

Day 15- Your Dream House: This one is a little harder, because I haven’t quite found my dream house- YET. This is the closest I have found so far: The absolute MUST-HAVES:

  • a walk-in pantry
  • a guest-room with it’s own bath for mum and dad (and other guests too)
  • room for computer heaven (or hell, depending on your perspective)
  • master bedroom that ISN’T on the opposite bloody side of the house from the OTHER bedrooms
  • a mud/utility room off the garage
  • all on one level
  • I would also like a live-in maid and poolboy/manservant… but I’m not picky!! 😛

Day 16- A song that makes you cry: Well, ahem… there’s quite a few. I tend not to listen to them because I abhor crying… I will do almost ANYTHING to avoid it… and so I’m actually going to take the easy way out of this one and tell you the song “Everybody Hurts” by REM. Gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I listen to it… a lot of songs make me cry- but not like that one does….

Day 17- An art piece: It may not be “art” per se, but it is the most magnificent creation ever.. wouldn’t you say??? And it’s definitely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

Day 18- My Wedding: was AWESOME!! We married Thanksgiving weekend (that’s in early-mid October here), it was a beautiful crisp fall day. I wore a victorian-esque dress that was made for me by my m.i.l (we still joke about how I miss her fondling my bosom). My step mother was supposed to supply limousines and didn’t, and I didn’t care, my DJ didn’t show up, so we raided everyone’s vehicles for tunes and had a dance party using the mess hall’s sound system. We had a real Thanksgiving feast with turkey, and dressing, and mashed with gravy and all the other fixins… we even served pumpkin pie with whipped cream for dessert. The cake was a chocolate dream in ivory fondant rolled and cut-out to look like a lace doily… We decorated with fall flowers with neat accents like stalks of wheat and bullrushes! And PUMPKINS!! mini pumpkins and great big pumpkins… candlelight everywhere and lots of wine… we had a champagne service before dinner and danced half the night away! My wedding favors were tiny little jars of homemade salsa (made by ME!!) That I had to stash extras of, because some people were greedy and loved it so much they took more than one!! I decorated the jars with little hand-made recycled paper cards tied with raffia and checkered linen cloth… It was a wonderful day… and no matter what did go wrong, or what went right (heh- my grandmother had my f.i.l’s hand down her shirt helping her retrieve the back for her brooch! she told him it was the most action she’d seen in years and asked my m.i.l. if she could just “borrow” him for a bit…) The most important part of it all was that I married my soul mate, and we are (as cliched as it sounds) even more in love and happier today than we were then!

/sigh… I hate my face in profile but even I have to admit that is one beautiful picture… and I’m wearing a tiara…. Every girl looks like a princess in a tiara!! 😛 And now, to go make battle with my laptop to see if I can wrestle the pictures off my camera and then I can return to post for PMB’s one-month-day!!