A Hobby… I have a few… I like to sew, I like crafts, flower arranging is a favorite, I also loooove to cook and bake, and am constantly looking for and trying new recipes. My number one hobby is probably crackbook though! lol… and I don’t even farm!!! If Halloween could be a hobby, I could probably claim it, as I spend a good portion of time between June-October planning for it! (and doing prep work, last year I started on my papier mache skull collection- still need to paint em, but they turned out awesome so far!!!) I’m also an avid reader, and researcher…. I will “research” just about anything! Which makes my husband considerably happy. He’s a money hoarder, and hates to spend a dime unless it’s truly worth it, and my penchant for researching the hell out of EVERYTHING, and most especially things that cost money works well for us! It’s not just shopping things though, I will look up pretty much anything that interests me! Which is probably why I have about seventy-billion blogs in my google-reader! And that’s another hobby right there- blogs. I’m definitely not the greatest writer, but I love to read, and try to comment as much as possible…. And now, I will leave you with that, because I have a couple of projects** on the go that cannot be left!!

** I have two very pretty frilly dresses for my daughters to wear to my s.i.l’s wedding in October that I am making.. and I have fresh blueberries and cherries that need to be made into pie filling.. 😛