My best recipes are really not recipes at all… for example, the recipe for my “famous” cheeseball… it’s a basic cheeseball recipe, you can add different things to it to tailor it to your own tastes. I’m kinda old-school in that way, most of my “recipes” are things that I make from memory, and even following new recipes, I always fiddle with them to suit them to my own tastes!


1pkg cream cheese

big scoop (tablespoonish) sour cream

a scoop of  miracle whip (smaller than the sour cream)

1 green onion

a couple dashes of tabasco sauce

4 cups (more if necessary) grated cheese. Medium or old cheddar is my fave.

Then, like I said earlier, you can tweak it… Some of my favorite tweaks: add some feta and greek seasoning for a “mediterranean” cheeseball, some monterey jack and finely chopped jalepenos for a tex-mex, I’ve done a roasted red pepper and garlic one (that’s usually a big hit) I use a clubhouse seasoning mix which makes it really easy!! Pretty much anything you can think of to add flavour. I also roll the cheeseball in different things, sometimes I use nuts, other times I cracker or breadcrumbs, most of the time I just leave it as-is. I tailor the outsides to what’s inside too… Once when doing the mediterranean cheeseball I placed sliced black olives all over the outside of the cheeseball!

and that is that… another day done in the 30-Day Blog Journal