So, Day 22 of the 30-Day Blog Journal is: A Website…. um, hai- you’re ON one!! But I don’t think that’s what’s was meant, so I’ll list the ones on my “favorites bar”. (oh how I loves the Google Chrome).

1. My bank-online banking is the shiznit!

2. Shopping – this is actually a folder full of links to different discount sites, and the other places I go most frequently for price comparisons.

3. My Blog

4. Google Reader

5. Twitter

6. Facebook

7. Wishpot- this one will likely be removed to the shopping tab shortly, as my baby shower is on Saturday, and so I won’t need “quick access” to my baby registry anymore

8. SingSnap- this is my guilty-pleasure site. It’s a website for karaoke. You can record yourself singing karaoke, and they have a new feature for setting up karaoke playlists to have karaoke parties in your home. It’s really neat and has an awesome, wonderful, supportive community. I haven’t done a whole lot lately, and I need to replace my microphone, but yeah. I loves it, and it’s pretty much the only singing I get to do anymore! Besides lullabyes!

9. Jigzone- I looooooooove jigsaw puzzles, and this website gives me my fix without taking up my entire dining table. And it’s free!! and I am ALL about the free!!

and that’s it…

For day 23: A Youtube video: The following is my all-time favorite video on Youtube. My friends and I all use phrases from this all the time. There was one time, I was video chatting with my bestie and she said “I am le tired” and I said “fire ze meesles!!” and she thought I said “fire the WEASLES” and so now that is our little inside joke that no one else thinks is funny but we think is hilarious!! And just watch because it’s ridiculous and funny.

Day 24: Where I Live- I have termed Buttfuck, Nowhere, Canada. Really, I’ve described where I live before- the military base I currently live on is a complete throwback to a different era and I love love love it! It is a military base though, and so reminds me of the song from the first few seasons of Weeds, only pretty much everyone is in cadpad, and instead of yappy little dogs they all have labs and/or german shepherds or some other big breed of dog. and there are no doctors and lawyers and business executives… and you will see the odd troop marching on the side of the road and they carry guns… and the houses are NOT big, but at least ours is nice because it’s been totally renovated. And I have like, no pictures of the inside (and I wouldn’t post those anyway because my decor SUCKS right now… dear lottery gods, if you can hear me I SERIOUSLY need to redecorate!!). And unfortunately Youtube is a whore and won’t let me embed the video, so just go watch it because it’s funny… Or you could just go and watch the first few seasons of Weeds because, that show, is friggin HILARIOUS!! Weeds Theme.

So yeah, picture houses more like this:

Canadian Military Housing (aka: a PMQ)

And now that this is done, I’m going to go be mad and bash some things around… I will return later with the tale of why I am currently so pissy… watch for the title “PMG’s bio-father is a SHITHEAD!!!!”