Because apparently I don’t “talk” enough on here….

So, I’m on Day 25 of the 30-Day Blog Journal and today’s topic is “your day, in great detail”.

Heh, that’s easy, I spent most of today like every other day… trying to take over the WORLD!!!

Ok, so mostly I’m just trying desperately to organize my own little corner of the world… but when I’m done- look out!!!

So… my day in detail: Woke up at 3am for the HONGRY baby. Got bottle to warming, changed rancid poopy bum, washed hands, re-swaddled baby, fed baby, burped baby, smelled sweet sweet baby smell and gave lots of kisses. Placed baby back in crib, went back to own bed. Fell unconscious. Woke up at 7 am for HONGRY baby. Got bottle warming, changed soaking wet bum, washed hands, re-swaddled baby, fed baby, burped baby, etc etc etc… Considered going for a jog/walk but was too cool to take baby, and husband was just sleeping too peacefully for me to wake him up to tell him I was abandoning them, so I just went back to sleep… for about ten minutes until baby woke up and wanted cuddles… so i brought her to bed with me for some sweet sweet baby coos and cuddles. Hubby woke up 10-ish, we did the feed/change/burp rotation again and lazed around in bed until noon. Then we decided that we were hungry too, baby hung out in the high chair while we made and ate breaky and prepared burgers for later. She ate again around 1ish, then went for a snooze in the bassinette. We decided on having salisbury steak for dinner using some of the burgers (we prepare a huge batch of burgers and freeze them in packages sized for our family to use at will), so we needed some ‘shrooms and onion and beef broth (don’t judge- I need to re-do my pantry completely!! normally I have all these things, but right now I’m still trying to re-establish control of my kitchen… while also adjusting everything to gluten-free because my husband has just been diagnosed with Celiac’s disease…) so we hopped in the shower while le bebe was sleeping, to go to the store to get stuff… my bestie was at the “mall” (she is manager of the cafe); apparently their new girl just walked out today, so I now have a job, like, a leave-my-house-and-actually-work-for-MONIES job for the next two days! Yay! And I got a free coffee out of the deal too!!! heh… and mushrooms and an onion… heehee. So now I am home, and I am blogging… baby girl is snoozing in the swing, hubby is downstairs on his computer playing games… and I’m going to go start prepping taters soon for supper. mmmmmm mashed taters and gravy!!!! YUM!

and that is all… just another day in the life of me*…

*pretty much every day is like this right now… we still have another week of summer vacation

** pretty much every day is like this, except for the part where I get a job…