So… I have been finagled (oh the wiles of social media- how could I resist you??) by you know who you are! into joining the NaBloPoMo thingy… as we have seen previously- I am a total FAIL on the writing of something every day… but, as those of you who are return customers ALSO know, I am a TOTAL sucker for this shit!!! And since I’ve had ultimate writer’s block lately and have barely written a word in four months… [insert excuses pertaining to the fact that I have an almost-four-month-old infant at home here] I thought I owed it to at least TRY!!

So, even though it’s five days late, here goes nothing!

For today, the writing prompt given is “what makes you notice someone?”

Well, for me it all depends. For men, I notice hands first a lot of the time. I like big, strong manly hands… it’s just my thing. Another thing I notice on a man is his tush. I like tushies. I LUUUUUURVE my husband’s tush.

I also notice women’s tushies too.. but THAT is a post for another day…

Most of the time, if I notice someone it’s because they are noticeable. If I see a woman who looks well put-together, who has a nice handbag or awesome pair of shoes. I will also notice the skank- and most often, because I have ZERO brain-mouth barrier, I will comment. One time, while in the mall (yes, there’s only one mall where I live) foodcourt, I noticed a young pre-teen girl wearing a skirt that was FAR too short- no leggings or tights on underneath, and I’m sure if I’d really cared to, I would have been able to tell if she was wearing underpants too because her arse was about [—] this close to falling out of that skirt. What made it worse for me, is that this girl wasn’t only let out of the house like that- but she was actually out like that with her mother!!!! Well color me a prude, but I just don’t think that skirts that short belong on girls that young (hell, let’s be honest, they don’t belong on women PERIOD- of any age!!!) So, I say to PMG, who was about 5 or 6 at the time “sweety, if I ever see you in a skirt that short- I’m going to cut your legs off!!!” I almost felt bad for the mother when I realized that she had actually heard me- and had the decency to be embarrassed.

So yeah… I guess it’s better a lot of times if I DON’T notice you… heh… 😛