Or at least mine apparently… it’s been a solid month of sickness here… first the flu, then a bitchin’ head cold, and now finally a nasty ass (literally) case of gastro… when will this shit ever end (literally)!!!????

Fortunately, sweet baby Gremlin seems to have been spared the worst our plagues have had to offer, and other than having some decidedly sleepier days, as well as a bit of sniffles, she’s been A-Ok and growing like a weed!! At her 4 month check up she was off the charts for her height (26.5 inches long) and between the 90-95th percentile for weight. (just about 17lbs)… she’s eating solids now and loving it- I have to be careful of eating/drinking around her because she wants to steal whatever I’m having and she’s quite stubborn about it!!

The oldest, PMG is a whole story unto herself… there’s been quite a few goings-on, none of which I’ve the time or energy to get into right now… Just know, there’s a hell of a story coming once I decide I just may live through this latest plague of mine!