This is going to be a loooooong post, so brace yourselves, but also- pictures!! so totally worth it!!

On Baby Gremlin:

She is a happy happy happy baby- who’s never happier than when she is firmly ensconced on someone’s knee, checking out the world around her or playing and laughing away. She luuuurves Christmas so far and is enchanted with everything about it. Her favorite place is sitting on the sofa between mine or her father’s legs kicking away while nekkies (she has outgrown the hatred of being naked and then some). She’s also a little fish and thoroughly enjoys her bathtime. She kicks and plays away- usually mum (me) sits in the tub with her because she likes to sit up there too so she can see EVERYTHING!!! She really is a curious little bug. Not crawling quite yet, (with her shoulder dystocia this is to be expected) but she is most definitely mobile- rolling around and wiggling herself into position to get into trouble! She also loves trying to stand, and has incredible balance! We’re definitely going to have our hands full with this one!!

Which should be especially interesting since we’ve already got pretty full hands as it is with PMG:

Things are not all sunshine and light on this front, and this is probably the number one reason why I’ve been so absent. Since starting school this year (wonderful wonderful amazing teacher), and starting morning program, (the special program for special kids “like” PMG), PMG’s father taking a more active roll (which has been surprisingly ok),  and about twelve hundred million different med changes… let’s just say that things are not getting any better. Her attention is worse, her depression is so-so, she’s just all over the place and you can’t predict when she’s going to do what. Normally her moods are pretty easy to predict, even though she’s not able to express emotions well verbally, or even non-verbally (when she’s mad/sad/etc she just acts out), now she’s not just NOT expressing emotions, but actively HIDING her true emotions and intentions. The worst to date was the call made to CFS (child and family services- I think it’s called child protective services in the US) because she told the workers at her morning program AND her teacher at school that we whipped her with the belt. The visit from the CFS worker was relatively uneventful since my daughter, although very convincing in her tale of brutality was the OPPOSITE profile of a child who is truly being abused, in that for starters, she had no marks (because she’s never been hit by us in her life!!), was very cheerful and positive about her life at home (gee, I wonder why since she’s spoiled horribly rotten), hadn’t been told not to talk to the worker, and was not afraid to come home. (she was home for lunch that very day after I received the phone call informing me of what she’d done). The TRUE irony in this is that she HAD in fact threatened to do just what she did a couple of weeks previous to this incident. It all started with her father- he moved back, she wants to move in with him. I told her it would be ok with me, but it wouldn’t be a case of  “I want the greener grass on that side!” with her flip-flopping back and forth. That if she wanted to live with him, arrangements would be made in an appropriate timeframe, and that she would have to give it an honest try- for a minimum of six months. Well, the ex decided to have a little fun with his ex-gf’s aunt (while still LIVING with said gf- even though she was his ex) so she told him he’d have to find new living arrangements. This turned into a case of “shoot the messenger” and I got the ever-so-fun role of the messenger… again…

Long story short, I told PMG that she couldn’t live with him if he had no place to live and no job. She lost her friggin mind- threatened to call the cops and CFS and tell everyone willing to listen that we beat her within an inch of her life- that she hated me, she hated my husband and she hated living with us. She told me she would do ANYTHING to get out of our house and not have to live with us anymore. At the time, I passed it off as 9 year old melodrama- but mentioned it to one of the staff at her morning program… two weeks later… I get a call.

In any case, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life is upon me. Her father has a home, and a job… and this year for Christmas, I get to give up my daughter to go and live with her father…. It’s only for six months… but… yeah…

and now…PICTURES!!!