Crazy crazy life!!

I’m just sooo glad the holidays are over- it’s been NUTS around here. Both girls had a wonderful holiday despite PMG not being here. She enjoyed her 12 days of Christmas before she left to go with her father though- we let her start opening one gift a day for the 12 days before she left on the 23rd of December. Baby Gremlin loooooved her first Christmas- she thoroughly enjoyed ripping paper off of presents and waving it around. It was adorable and of course I took video footage- but it will never see the light of day because I am also in the video in my pajamas with nasty punk-ass bed hair… and I am just not brave enough to show the world my nasty self in that way… baby steps people… baby steps… it took a lot of willpower not to delete that video the very second I saw it! (for those just tuning in, I’m slightly terrified beyond all sanity of being on camera shy.

In other news, Gremlin is taking solids like a champ, and has already started trying to feed herself- she needs guidance to get the spoon into the bowl and scoop- but once the spoon is loaded, she often can hit her mouth without wearing too much of her meal- it’s an amazing thing. She’s still slightly weak in her left arm, and so her large motor skills are slightly behind- no crawling yet, she just “shuffles” around or rolls to get where she’s going, but it’s coming along quite nicely with physio.

In ME news- I’ve reached my first WW milestone- five lbs down!! And I managed to do THAT over the holidays- I feel like my own hero right now!! And after doing some calculation, if I continue with my current trend of about 2.5 lbs loss per week, I will have lost 30lbs by the time I take my trip the great TO for my 30th birthday. woohoo!!! Other than that, I have another small project in the works which I hope to unveil very soon in the coming weeks- it’s just taking some time I haven’t had mixing holidays, and school, and baby… and trying to get my mess into some kind of order since I REFUSE to move shit that I don’t have to half way across the country….

Oh- yeah… THAT…

As you may or may not know, my husband is currently employed by the military. As of September 2011, the military will be sending him back to school for 2 years in order to retrain him to be more marketable for civilian life. yahoo! Well, up here in Canuckland, there’s only one place for him to go to school to upgrade his knowledge in his field (computer nerd) and that place is in *dundunndunna!!* (<—– lameass attempt at typing out a fanfare) Alberta… I’m so excited I could shit… but I won’t- because that would be one more mess for me to clean up. So yeah- in six months I’ll be making a cross-country move and I’m scared witless and also am a “planner” (as my bestie calls me) which basically means I will be panicking and planning the ASS off this move in every minute detail until it is over and I can curl up and sleep for a week from stress overload…. as it is, I’ve spent the last six months looking at potential living spaces etc… keeping an eye on the real estate market, what areas are best to live in, what the school system is like, researching the health care services and system of Alberta- I need a good fertility doc, OBGYN and pediatrician- and someone who does fibro would be nice too…. if anyone out there has any recommendations in the Edmonton area I would be MUCH obliged!!

and so yeah… like I said, I’ve been busy…

and that- is that!! ta-ta for now!!