I don’t get embarrassed….


I have no shame- I am not shy (except in front of cameras because I know what beached whale looks like in the form of pictures)… I am pretty comfortable in my own little world of crazy (MOST of the time!!)…

Even today… while in [insert name of HUGE electronics store chain here] looking at birthday video games for PMG and a new shiny router for hubby, a good song came on the radio… a catchy, easy-to-dance to song… so yeah- I totally busted a move… I was groovin my way down the aisles of the store AAAAAAND the clerk one aisle over apparently caught my wicked moves and said “if you keep dancing through the whole song- I will give you 10% off anything you purchase in the store today”… well!!!

It was ON!! because I don’t care if I’m a rolly poly blob of jelly gyrating around! I was having FUN! and if it gets me a discount- well! that just makes it even better! So yeah- the bastard reneged because he didn’t think I’d actually do it- and I did!! 😛

Does anyone else ever get the urge to spontaneously break into dance??? Or is this just me???