I stole another prompt from NaBloPoMo. This one came from the list of prompts on the site and is as follows:

You’ve just been given a million dollars. You are not allowed to keep it or give it to anyone you know personally. What do you do with it and why?

The stock answer that most people would probably say is that they would donate it to [insert “pet” cause here].

I am not that benevolent, and I also think I am clever…. it SAYS you are not allowed to KEEP it- So I would spend that $hit like it’s the end of the world!!!

Also- I would give some to the bank- to invest for me!! That way, I would not be keeping the million dollars- but I could be living large off the interest of some very lucrative commodities.

Would I give some to charity?? You bet your ass I would; even when I was a broke-ass poor single mother struggling through nursing school, I managed to scrounge up $20 here and there for worthwhile charities. Despite my crappy veins I even attempted numerous times to donate blood… so while I am inherently selfish, I also want to make the world a better place…

So tell me this, is it better or worse to admit to selfishness while still BEING a relatively unselfish person, or is it better to proclaim benevolence even though you actually really WANT to spend the money- but want other people to think you are a generous  person. Hypocrisy or selfishness- which one is worse in your book??

And on that note- how to you cope with the jealousy of others for your good fortune?? Do you ditch the downers? Do you stick it out, chalk it up to “they’ll get over it- and are otherwise a good friend” and move on?? There’s actually a story here, but I will save it for another day… for now, enjoy discussing what’s already here in comments or on your own blogs so that I can come and see what you’ve written- if you DO write though- pop me a line so I can make sure I get there!!!

Toodles for now!!