so… I have been sooo bad at updating this…

Last summer, we discussed with PMG the possibility of her going to live with her father. Her choice- not ours. We decided that she had to wait until she was done her morning program in December and she could go for a minimum six month trial (we don’t want any house-hopping) to live with him. It was completely her decision, but admittedly, I’ve been exhausted from trying to deal with her issues and med changes, and hormones (hooray for early puberty!!) and and and… of course all this and a diva infant too! woohoo!

So she decided that she was going to do it. And as hard as it was, I was a bit relieved too- I love my daughter heart and soul- I have done everything I can to support her, and make her life better. It’s never been enough. She was miserable here, she hated it and threatened to do anything she could think of to leave. Even calling child services…. which she did… she accused my husband of beating her with a belt- we met a few times with an agent from child services, while PMG spun a good tale, the worker could find no evidence supporting the accusation whatsoever (gee, I can’t imagine that, what with the fact that she was out and out lying her ass off!!) In short- things have been extremely difficult with her. So yes, I was actually a bit relieved that I would be getting a reprieve from being the “worst mother in the world” and being hated on a nearly daily basis.

The six month trial- lasted exactly 40 days….

yep… that’s my ex ladies and gentlemen…

The reason said trial ended, well, that’s a whole ‘nother story unto itself. It started when hubs and I planned a trip to pick up PMG. We went a day earlier than the actual pick up day- and left it to be a surprise for PMG- her teacher here had planned a “goodbye party” for PMG that she was going to go to the next day while she was here, which is why we were picking her up a day early. I arrived to get her, and she is COVERED in spots, greasy hair, and miserable… Fuckwad then proceeds to inform me that it’s bedbugs… fucking BEDBUGS!!!

So yeah- I kinda lost my shit just a wee little bit.

Of course, this is something we can deal with- I left PMG with her dumbass chromosome contributor,  and find the nearest shopping center to buy her all new clothing, shoes, underwear, jacket, and socks to come home in- because hai- six month old baby sister DOES NOT need to experience the joy of bedbugs!! and the damn little creeters are really easy riders…. luckily for me, winter shit is all on super clearance right now- I got a 3 in one winter coat for $35!! (which is only a very small consolation since I paid EIGHTY FRICKEN DOLLARS for her other winter coat that is still with shithead because I refuse to let possibly infested things in my house!!!) But I’m getting off course here- I then ask if dipshit has taken her to a doctor to confirm the diagnosis and to make sure she doesn’t need antibiotics or anything like that- poor girl is allergic to most bug bites, and because the welts end up so huge, she usually ends up with a secondary infection.

He would know this if he had the sense of a complete fucking idiot and would just ASK me… but oh no- he asked her if she’d had chickenpox before, which she has… and then decided after checking Dr. Google that it was bedbugs.


Can we all see just a bit how aggravating this man is??? Seriously you dumb twit assbag!!! I’m a goddamn nurse- I worked for a pediatrician!!! I STILL TAKE HER TO A DOCTOR EVEN IF I KNOW WHAT SHE HAS!!!!!!

Long story short, we are waiting on results from the varicella (chicken pox) bloodwork that was taken. The doctor who saw PMG suspects it may have been a double whammy, most of the spots did, in fact, look like bug bites, but there were patches of smaller spots that he thinks may be chicken pox.*

So, strike one: bugs

Strike two: not seeing a doctor (and she DID end up needing antibiotics for a secondary infection from scratching the bites/pox)

Strike three: the bullying

On the ride home, poor miserable PMG is ravenous for some attention and someone to talk to. At which point, she discloses to us that she is being bullied a lot in her new school. I had heard from dillweed about her expressing some concern about not getting along with her classmates, but nothing to the extent of the horrific bullying PMG was actually experiencing. When I asked dumbass about it- he said she never told him it was that bad… which, really, is inconsequential. I asked him if he’d spoken to anyone at the school- of course, the answer is no, because he’s a chickenshit bastard. He’s so goddammned terrified of sounding/looking stupid, that he allowed the bullying of PMG to continue!!! GAH!!!

So now, she is home. She is happy. She doesn’t hate me anymore (yet… I give her a week until she gets sick of having to do chores again- at which point she will hate me once more). And all I want to do is cry… I am soooo, soooo glad to have her home- but ironically, I am the one who feels like a failure for her coming home so soon. I promised that I would not just pull her back on a whim, and yet, I sorta did. Even though he agreed after speaking with PMG about the bullying that it was best for her to be here- I think he was relieved to get out of having to be a parent- he’s already skipped his first weekend of visitation with her after she came home.  I still feel like maybe I should have forced them to stick to the agreement, even though the stress was killing me (and obviously for good reason)- I am afraid that PMG will come to resent me for this whole situation later. ugh- why can’t this just get EASIER already!!!

*Even though she’s had chicken pox, she was only 2 and it was a very mild case- some people get chicken pox several times in their lives.