Because everyone loves to return from a [forced] internet hiatus to find they must post an award!!

All the same, I still love my Laura, who gave me THIS:

And because I CLEARLY do not talk about myself enough already, I must reward you all with more useless crap to know about me… seven items of it, in fact! so…. without further ado:

#1. I am a nerd… I know, I know, I can hardly believe it myself. But it’s true. I like [most] sci-fi and also fantasy, like The Lord of the Rings, except NOT the Lord of the Rings- I just couldn’t get through it! and the movies, to me were just not my cup of tea- but for the most part, give me dwarves and swords and elves and dragons and all that and I am a happy girl.

#2. I have anger issues. Maybe it’s just lately with all the stress I am under (omg- the things i have to write about but just don’t have the BLOODY F’N TIME!! for) but I have found myself wanting to randomly punch people in the head. Like, at the grocery store the other day- there was this skinny bitch giving me stink eye in the produce dept. like “why is that fat cow all up in MY skinny-ass self’s vegetables” I wanted to fuck her in the eye with a cucumber. No lies.

#3. I am banded… see- I told you I had a lot of shit to write about. So far I’m down about 20lbs, starting to fit into size 16 clothing and very very happy about it… I had the surgery just over a month ago.. it was my present to me for my second 29th birthday!

#4. I am 29…. and staying that way- anyone who says/thinks/believes otherwise does so at their own risk….

#5. I always run out of things to say on these things, and then later I will be like- DAMN! I should have put that one in there!!!

#6. I am bipolar… it sucks

#7. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before… but I sing… mostly just for fun these days… I actually don’t think I am that epic. I FAILed at Canadian Idol tryouts… so please, don’t anyone ever ask me to do it again… besides.. I’m too old… for a taste of me:

Please- be kind in your heckling…

and I am done… except for the whole thing where I’m supposed to tag other peeps to do this too… damn.. Um… I tag YOU- whoever reads this must do it and let me know you did it so I can come and comment… and DONE!