I met my very first sanctimommy today.

I had to take little Gremlin for her immunizations (only a month and a half late- go me!) and met a woman with a wee little girl. Gremlin was completely entranced by her- I made a comment to Grem about not ever being that small. I then got a haughty lecture about this woman’s baby, who was born at only 2lbs, and had only been out of hospital for a month. HER baby spent three months in the NICU- learning to breathe etc etc etc…

Which, yes- absolutely is hard. I was a complete mental case during the three whole days my little Gremlin was in the NICU and even more anguished when threatened that they would keep her there- she was born full-term and never had any SERIOUS difficulties. HOWEVER- I do NOT need some santimonius bitch rubbing my face in it that SHE has had it hard. NEWS FLASH TO YOU SANCTIMOMMY: I birthed a preemie too- MINE DIED. You really want to play the pain olympics with a game of who-had-it-harder? Well, in my world, YOU LOSE!!

Other than that, it was a great day. First day of daycare and one year shots all mixed in one…. Gremlin was ok when I left, but apparently went supernova when my husband returned to the baby room to collect an item he had forgotten. And stayed that way pretty much for the rest of the day. I’m sure the daycare workers were beyond thrilled that my husband was picking her up early!! She was completely knackered- of course the teething doesn’t help matters, she was up half the night last night with it.

Also starting today- the first day of school for PMG, who enjoyed it immensely. The school has a special class for kids with behavioural issues, and so they’ve placed her in that class in the hopes that they can slowly integrate her into the normal classroom. You can’t know how relieved I am by this, with her ADHD, the huge move, as well as the dramatic change in class size (her previous class had 6 kids in a grade 3/4 split, the school she’s going to now has 18 kids in just the normal grade five class!) it’s a big help to me, and to her that they are willing/able to accommodate her to make the transition easier!

Another transition: I am back at work… after a more-or-less five year hiatus from the medical profession and any real semblance of a career, I am now back to work as a medical receptionist!! and I love it!! The doc I am working for is a whiz! I feel lazy most of the time because he does a lot of things himself that I’ve never seen a doc do!! In all, I’m super excited and exceedingly grateful to have been given such an opportunity with my somewhat shady career background (really- who wants to hire someone who’s been home looking after a school-age child for the past five years??). In any case- it’s the best job I’ve ever had and they’re going to have to pry me out of it with a crowbar!

And that’s all for now… except for this question: does anyone out there have any experience demo’ing a bathroom? any tips? tricks? suggestions?? we started the demo and have pretty much stalled out since I started work- I’m considering just hiring someone to finish it, but I am POOR yo!! Any ideas on how to make the job easier would be GREATLY appreciated!!

tata for now!