And I failed…

But so did my OB because he ended up doing like, four back-to-back emergency c-sections and cancelled my appt….

So I guess he didn’t fail at all…

It’s just me!

Anyway, I have a new appt for tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. And hopefully not the entire afternoon because I have a whole shit tonne of mess to clean up at work because some people are fucking retarded. Like, I know most docs handwriting is abysmal, and my doc (I work in a clinic) has some pretty terrible penmanship at times, but when the box says ‘DIAGNOSIS” and he writes a word that is very obviously ANXIETY – how the fuck does your brain go- angry??? fucking REALLY????!!!! GAH!!

Sometimes, it is painful for my brain to do my job. I take a lot of pride in doing a good job, and what I do affects people in so many ways- it just galls me so much to see so many people working in healthcare and social services and they just. don’t. care. They can barely make the effort to just do their job!! They don’t have to go above and beyond, they don’t have to be exceptional- just DO their job… So yeah… I am frustrated today… no answers from the OB last night, another day off work (I genuinely like my job, and I hate to be away from it because I know there’s a lot of things that won’t get done- and I hate walking into a mess… like I did this morning), and a whole lot of dealing with garbage today… *sigh*

So, I guess I didn’t REALLY fail after all… you guys got a bonus update and I still have to see the OB!! It’s like two updates for the price of one!! 😀

***updated to add*** woohoo- this is my 220th post! go me!!