After an epic wait, I finally got in to see my OB this afternoon to spend all of about 8 minutes with him. I did get to ask a few questions- the most pertinent being “so what is our course of action?” and it is this:

February 13, 2012 I will become the owner of a shiny new abdominal cerclage, placed laproscopically. squeeeee!!

This means lots of good things for me, the best of which is the fact that bedrest with an abdominal is almost unheard of- I’ve read of success rates of 95% TERM birth. Granted, I have had a term birth with a vaginal cerclage placed, however I did have a lot of complications with this- the least of which was the contractions that placed me on bedrest. Being able to remain active during my pregnancy decreases my chances of having to take insulin for gestational diabetes this time around also!!! AND I get to keep my job!! woohoo!!!

I am a little squeamish on the whole c-section part of it, but I’m sure I will get over it, since I do have the entire pregnancy to get used to the idea.

And really that’s all for now. Not much more to say! TaTa for now!!