So I haven’t been getting much time to blog- between work, trying to shop for a damn van, and all the other miscellaneous crap that is necessary for me to be doing in my life (buying/making/cleaning up meals, laundry, etc) I have been fail in keeping updates on my pregnancy and life in general. So, I am going to once again, steal from my bedrest bestie, Tiffany, and use the “weekly check-in” thingy, she does a Maternity Monday, my safest bet for actually attempting a weekly post is the weekend… so, without further ado (aka mindnumbing babble ala moi):


How far along? 10 weeks

Bedrest so far: not gonna be any! I hope!!

Total weight gain/loss:  2lbs- mostly water and poo… feeling very bloated

Maternity clothes?: I am rocking the maternity pants in the first trimester! go me!! I wear sweats and pajamas and yoga pants at home though. I can wear pretty much any type of top still, but I needed to purchase new bras today- in a flippin I cup!!! goddammit!!!

Stretch marks? I changed this question last time, and I’m going to change it this time too- since there isn’t an inch of my belly that isn’t covered in stretch marks- I have vertical ones from PMG and horizontal ones from Emilie- my belly is plaid people!!! that’s just plain effed up!!! So, instead I will comment on the GD- since I’m pretty sure I already failed my first gestational diabetes test last night… boourns!

G.D. : fail… been avoiding sugar like the plague, and I’m not on bedrest this time, so I’m hoping it’s at least more manageable this time and I don’t end up needing insulin! Pretty sure I failed the first glucose test though last night, I felt like total balls during and after I did the test. On another note, that orange crap still tastes like ass!!! ugh- note to medical testing supply companies- can’t you make that godawful shit in different flavors??

Cervical Length?: 2.9cm- countdown to TAC – 15 days!!

Labor signs: not a one! Praise be!

Medications?: Prenatals, and bucketfuls of Diclectin- also purchased some “sea bands” that are supposed to help with nausea, so far, other than the fact that they get really uncomfortable after a while, they seem to be helping!!

Sleep: I keep saying I wish that I could sleep through the entire first trimester, but with work, other kids, husband, and house- oh and did I mention vehicle shopping (which sucks in the most incredibly mind fucking way) I’ve pretty much given up on ever feeling rested again until after I’m dead. Also- sleep regression and waking up at night can suck my stinky poohole!

Best moment this week:  Telling off the other girl at work. She whined because she is supposed to work her second job on the day my nuchal translucency is booked, I very politely told her that it wasn’t my problem, the life of myself and my baby means more to me than her job. suck it bitch! ( in saying, I probably need to do a few posts describing the epicness of my fellow employee… )

Worst Moment this week: Learning that my blood pressure is staying high- it’s still within normal range, but higher than my normal- and that scares me! I don’t want to have a TAC to avoid bedrest, just to end up on bedrest because the stress of dealing with my coworker is making my BP skyrocket.

Movement: Just a whole lot of stretching.

Food cravings/aversions: No cravings so far- just a whole lot of aversions. I only just this week started being able to eat poultry again, and I can only eat a few bites at a time very very slowly to ensure my stomach doesn’t rebel and bring the whole lot up. Fun Fact: when you regurgitate milk- no matter how you do it, or how hard you try, it manages to come out your nose, every. bloody. time!!

Belly Button in or out?: in

Gender: if past history is any indication, this one is packing boy parts.

What I miss: Food, not feeling on the verge of barf constantly, feeling awake once in a while!!

What I am looking forward to: Nuchal next Friday!!

Weekly Wisdom: I CAN go to work on 4 hours sleep and not drool on myself!! woo!!!

Milestones: GDS #1

Symptoms: Nausea, scent aversions, epic fatigue, constipation.


That’s all for now folks!! Tata!!