And because I have more than one child- y’all get a two-fer because I was too damn tired to update on Emilie’s 18 month well-baby check yesterday.

So- 18 months (actually about 18 1/2 months now, but fuck it- she can stay a baby a while longer right?) is awesome. She is a walking, talking, temper machine!! Man, I dare anyone to tell this girl no. Most of the time though, she is a sweet, friendly girl who is a total people pleaser. She loves to make other people laugh- her favorite word is “YAY!!” Which she does while clapping her hands together and squealing with joy. Her vocabulary is epic though! Just yesterday the health nurse stopped dead in her tracks when Gremlin, who was carrying a granola bar, dropped said granola bar and stopped and said “Oh! I dropped it!” clear as day!

Apparently, the guidelines are for her to have at least ten words- we’ve well surpassed that for a while now. She’s also, as you can see, using 2-3 word phrases. I chalk a lot of her language development up to the fact that she has two very doting parents and an extremely attentive big sister who talks to her and reads to her and plays with her a lot. It’s really quite heartwarming to see the bond between my two girls- the age difference means nothing to them- they are close as could be!

Potty training is hit-and-miss. Some days she’s gung-ho to sit on the potty, but most often actually “going” on the potty is only by accident. She is aware of when she goes pee, and will tell us if she is pooping, but doesn’t quite equate the potty with peeing and pooping yet.

All in all, things with Gremlin are going swimmingly, and things with PMG are going surprisingly well with the stress of yet another high-risk pregnancy. We had a med change for her in November, and it really seems to have done away with the lows she was experiencing on Concert@. Her new pediatrician does not doubt that she displays some ADHD qualities, but after the online testing he had me perform, she scored much higher for bi-polar as well as oppositional defiant disorder. She will also be seen by a multi-disciplinary committee who will assist with therapy and alternative treatment/respite etc.

And I am sooo having the worst pregnancy brain right now… I keep typing and then forget what the hell I’m trying to say… Time for bed!!