How far along? 12w5d

Bedrest so far: none yet- technically on sick leave starting tomorrow though for two weeks post-TAC.

Total weight gain/loss:  still sitting even no loss, no gain

Maternity clothes?: yes. yes. yes. and pajama and yoga pants. Had to purchase new bras- ugh! Bras in an I cup are ridic expensive!!

G.D. : Keeping really tight reins on my diet. Thankfully I’m not craving sweets at all!

Cervical Length?: according to the nuchal last week I’m still sitting at 2.9; TAC surgery in the morning!!

Labor signs: nothin

Medications?: prenatals, diclectin, iron supplements.

Sleep: not good; been having crazy dreams and nightmares. Gremlin is currently inhabiting our room as well, while hers is under construction, and waking multiple times at night which means craptacular sleep for me!

Best moment this week:  realizing how much my boss and the office manager (his wife) actually value me as an employee and genuinely care about my well-being.

Worst Moment this week: Getting bitched at by no less than FOUR people in one day because the other employee I work with fucks up. A LOT

Movement: Just lots and lots of gas- sometimes feels like it might be somersaults, but can’t be certain yet.

Food cravings/aversions:  Neither- nausea has finally calmed down a bit this week.

Belly Button in or out?: in

Gender: if past history is any indication, this one is packing boy parts.

What I miss:  sleep… sweet sweet sleep… not having a house that’s looks like a bomb went off in half the rooms!

What I am looking forward to: TAC!

Weekly Wisdom:  I have nothing…

Milestones: one more week down… TAC and second trimester to begin this week!!

Symptoms: Nausea, scent aversions, epic fatigue, constipation.