Two days post-TAC… feeling rather blechy.

Blechy is SO a word…

I’m an old pro at laparoscopic surgery, seeing as how this is round 3 of abdominal punctures for various procedures for me, but it’s altogether a whole new ball ‘o wax to experience while pregnant. I seriously have NO abdominal muscles left on my person that have not been penetrated in some way, and being both fat, AND currently gestating, it’s made for a somewhat unpleasant experience for me.

In good news, my husband and daughters have been a joy to me and taking care of me quite well, and though I don’t remember a thing, I’m told the U/S they took of Pip post-surgery was quite entertaining and everyone was quite enthralled with my wee one who came out like a champ!

For now I’m just relaxing to the max, spending as much time slumbering as possible and doing my utmost best to recover. Other than some relatively mild discomfort, I’ve been faring quite well, only needing Tyle.nol for pain. I’ve had significantly less cramping with the abdominal cerclage than I experienced with my vaginal one, and this makes me very hopeful that all will go according to plan. My only real complaint is that my post-op instructions aren’t exactly clear. I was given instruction sheets for both vaginal cerclage, as well as abdominal cerclage, unfortunately neither seem to fit my particular circumstances as the abdominal cerclage instructions are MUCH less restrictive than the vaginal ones, but the abdominal doesn’t take into account being currently pregnant. They do VERY few TAC’s up in my parts- and even fewer of those are done while pregnant that no one quite knew for certain what to do with me, and I had quite the audience for my surgery.

The doctor who came from Ottawa to perform the actual procedure was amazing, very kind, and explained everything in excellent detail, and was altogether very reassuring that everything would turn out for the best and they would take the utmost care of me. The nursing staff, with the exception of one lazy arse in post-op, were AMAZING!! And I’m particularly picky about nurses, seeing as how I used to BE one!!

I did have some extra time spent in recovery due to my oxygen levels, which scared my poor husband witless, as no one could tell him if I was alright and if the surgery went ok, but I have come through just fine and dandy, besides being a huge suck and exceptionally tired!

But now I’m off to rest some more. It really is a terrible lot of work to be gestating, and then to have surgery on top of that is really very very exhausting!!

Hope all is well out there in bloggy land! Take care for now!