Because I’m bored, have nothing better to do right now, and am going to be busy over the weekend… ish…

How far along? 13w2d

Bedrest so far: if you want to be REALLY technical, my restrictions are not currently that far off from a partial bedrest… I want to go back to work so bad, I had a total bitch day today and was mad at everyone for ME not being able/allowed to do anything.

Total weight gain/loss:  for some unknown and wholly miraculous reason, I have neither gained, or lost

Maternity clothes?: not this week!!! maternity clothes are hurty on bruised-up ouchy incisions. It’s all hubby’s pajama pants for me this week- the looser the better!!

G.D. : still good!!

Cervical Length?: no longer a pertinent issue, as I am now the proud owner of an abdominal cerclage and have taken my shitty cervix out of the equation. Take THAT you betch!!!

Labor signs: no real labour signs, but have had some post-op cramping which is sucktacular, but quickly taken care of with tylenol

Medications?: prenatals, diclectin, iron supplements, copious amounts of tylenol, and prometrium (oh fun!!)

Sleep: better since being drugged unconscious earlier this week. The anesthetist was awesome, I’ve never been put out so gently in my life!

Best moment this week:  having the recovery nurse describe my little Pip during the U/S I have absolutely no memory of whatsoever due to being drugged off my ass. Also, the care I got at the hospital. I felt really well cared for and totally taken care of.

Worst Moment this week: Finding out when I finally got back to the day surgery ward that I had been gone for a total of almost 4 hours- my poor husband was panicked and terrified. No one explained that they were just being super duper cautious due to me having some oxygen level issues and so he was left to think the worst.

Movement: Nothing palpable by me… TONNES of gas from the surgery- with laparoscopic surgery, they fill you up with air to make things easier to see. They try to get most of it out while the incisions are still open, but unfortunately, some gets stuck and has to come out the usual ways… oh yeah, I’m chock FULL of the sexy!!

Food cravings/aversions:  I’ve been sticking to pretty generic, bland food. My tum’s been pretty delicate. I had a craving for alphagetti of all bloody things!

Belly Button in or out?: um… gone… I am grieving. They poked a hole right through… I now have the belly button that isn’t!!

Gender: if past history is any indication, this one is packing boy parts.

What I miss:  sleep… sweet sweet sleep… not having a house that’s looks like a bomb went off in half the rooms!

What I am looking forward to: being able to work again, and to move without it seeming like a great production that takes forever!!

Weekly Wisdom:  someone told me that my memorial tattoo was one of the most beautiful ways to remember a lost child they’d ever seen. It was a very touching moment.

Milestones: woohoo second trimester!! TAC is done!!

Symptoms: hormones and emotions from hell!!! still nauseous too… boourns!!

Been a pretty epic week so far!