How far along? 14w3d

Bedrest so far: not gonna be any! Been knocked on my ass by headaches from the GD prometrium though… tyle.nol doesn’t touch that shit!!! 😦

Total weight gain/loss:  my scale broke, so I has nooooo idea!!

Maternity clothes?:only when I leave the house. Most of the time I’m in comfy gear, as in pajamas all day, every day!!

G.D. : not yet!!

Cervical Length?: as long as it needs to be!! Thank you TAC!!

Labor signs: mild cramping, especially if I’m walking around or standing for a while… nothing major.

Medications?: prenatals, diclectin, iron supplements, copious amounts of tylenol, and prometrium (oh fun!!)

Sleep: lots and lots. I’ve been getting these killer headaches from the prometrium, and all I can do is sleep them off- so that’s what I does… gonna suck come Monday when I’m back to work!

Best moment this week:   spending tonnes of time with Gremlin and PMG!! Also having a breaky date with hubs- we took Gremlin to daycare for the day so as to not COMPLETELY devastate her routine, and PMG was in school, so we went for breakfast and did some shopping and it was wonderful!!

Worst Moment this week:  dealing with my asshat of a brother… long long loooooong story…

Movement:  starting to feel mild jabs and rolls… don’t call me crazy, this is pregnancy #5… I knows what I’m feelin!!

Food cravings/aversions:   no real cravings still- just a whole lotta aversions!! Still hit-and-miss with poultry; loving potatoes right now though!

Belly Button in or out?: 😦 I has no belly button.. what USED to be my beautiful innie is now a scabby slit where they jabbed through it. At least it still looks like an innie unless you’re up close… :S

Gender: only a few more weeks until the anatomy scan where we will hopefully see if my barftacularness is correct in determining the sex.

What I miss:  not having a headache every.single.f’!!

What I am looking forward to: summer, new baby, time with my girls!!!

Weekly Wisdom:  “baby? my baby!”- Gremlin while poking at my belly

Milestones:  into the second trimester!! quickening!!! Gremlin starting to register that there is baby in tummy.

Symptoms: still nauseous, still hormonal crazy, starting to feel movement.

and that’s all for now folks!!