So methinks I might have missed an update, and I know for a fact that this one is late… my bad!

How far along? 15w6d… this probably doesn’t match what I had last week, because once again, we are experiencing due-date confusion… yay me! Even though I TOLD the resident who was seeing me this week (my reg. OB was just overseeing) that I have irregular periods, ovulate really late (like CD 20ish), and looooong cycles. I mentioned that my last pregnancy had the exact same problem and that I was correct on my due date based on my ovulation- NOT what the first and supposedly most accurate u/s stated.

Bedrest so far: I’m still going strong. With the headaches I was getting from the prometrium, my OB and I discussed discontinuing them unless absolutely necessary (read: if I start having contractions). My biggest problems with the headaches that tylenol couldn’t touch is that I cannot do my job and have my head pounding so hard that it’s all I can do to not spend the majority of every day in the fetal position moaning and whining. It was then brought up that I should maybe start to acclimatize myself to the idea of not working anymore… at which point I began to protest mightily and insist that my job is EASY- which, just my luck, I have an OB who actually pays attention to his staff and he totally called my on my bullshit- my job is NOT easy. DAMN! In any case, he is letting me stay until at least 20 weeks, at which time he will be watching my cervix like a hawk to make sure it’s still cooperating and if it’s not, then I get to have a v@ginal cerclage placed in addition to the TAC and it’s instant bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy for me. If I’m still holding strong and feeling good at 20 weeks, he will consider letting me stay at work for a few more weeks. So, here’s hoping the TAC holds and my @sshole uterus cooperates this time!! So far, I’m optimistic, I’m not experiencing anywhere near as much crampiness with the TAC as I did with the v@ginal cerclage and my job just got considerably easier since the other girl quit!! 😀

Total weight gain/loss:  still sitting at nil- nothing lost, nothing gained. it’s actually quite nice- all my weight is reassigning itself to my belly- I am very obviously pregnant, and my ass is shrinking! A girl couldn’t ask for more… well, actually, yes I could- because some of that weight has ALSO gone to my b00bs which is making my husband behave like a lecherous teenager.

Maternity clothes?: been in maternity pants for work for a month or so now- needing to pick up some more tops soon though, I was getting away with mainly non-maternity tops, especially if I layered a longer cami underneath, but that’s no longer quite working out for me!

G.D. : still holding out on this- and I don’t have to do another godawful diabetes test until 28 weeks!! woooo!!

Cervical Length?: so far so good; they’ll be confirming that everything is still tickety-boo on the 16th when they do my anatomy scan!! wooo!!

Labor signs: nada!! I get some lower back pain occasionally, but I’ve had sciatica for years, and it’s nothing new- more weight on the front means more pressure on my back, means my back gets sore… meh

Medications?: prenatals, diclectin, iron supplements and no more prometrium!! for now…

Sleep: never enough!! I have good days and bad days. After working all week, and running around doing errands most evenings, I was exhausted and wanted to spend all day Saturday in bed, but had way too much to do.. so I had a pretty lazy day today.

Best moment this week:  finding out that I’m allowed to have sex again!!! finding out that the lazy tnuc at work FINALLY quit!!! buying baby stuff!!!! it was a good week!!

Worst Moment this week:  having the “you are probably not going to be able to keep working for your whole pregnancy” chat with the OB. I know it’s true, but I want to keep believing that I will be able to work until the end. I love my job!!

Movement:  rolling rolling rolling… baby likes to bump where daddy puts his hands too.

Food cravings/aversions:   still mostly aversions- chicken and pork are NOT my friends… I’ve been eating a lot of steak… I did crave shrimp though, and had the most delectable lemon garlic grilled shrimp! yum!!!

Belly Button in or out?:  scabby mess… it’s going to be really interesting to see what it looks like if my belly button pops out…

Gender: feeling decidedly boy… hubby just wants healthy and refuses to even guess… the guesses are coming in from patients at work though- so far the majority are feeling the boy vibes too!

What I miss:  wine… I miss wine…

What I am looking forward to: anatomy scan and seeing the “parts”!!

Weekly Wisdom:  “You just have to keep taking it easy, and do what’s best for you and baby.” – pretty much everyone

Milestones:  big-ticket baby items bought… double stroller, infant car seat, bedding set etc etc etc…

Symptoms: movement, still barfy (but not as bad, thank goodness), mild constipation

yar! 😀 have a good week everyone!!