How far along? 16w6d

Bedrest so far: nada!!! Blood pressure has been a perfect 120/70, not a single contraction, not a single issue to be had!! hooray!! Hope this keeps up!

Total weight gain/loss:  -1lb… this week. Next week I’ll have likely gained back the lb, but so far I’m still sitting dead-even. My weight’s been re-distributing though, I’m all boobs and belly!!

Maternity clothes?: all maternity all the time!! Purchased a couple of very cute new tops for work, but for the most part I was really disappointed in the selection of maternity wear- most of it was really old-ladyish and not anything I would be caught dead in!

G.D. : still doing great! I’ve been checking it with a glucometer randomly and so far my sugars have been great!

Cervical Length?:  will know for sure on Friday- Doc is going to start checking regularly by U/S to confirm that all is well, if he sees any signs of shortening or funneling, he’s going to put in an emergency vaginal cerclage and it’s instant bedrest for me! So far so good though!

Labor signs: not a one!

Medications?: prenatals and proferrin (an iron supplement).

Sleep: regression. Gremlin has been waking up at ungodly hours of the morning and climbing out of bed to wake mama up for snuggles. She’s been really really mommy-sucky since I went back to work.

Best moment this week:  seeing my bathroom reno come together. It’s really going to look fabulous!!

Worst Moment this week:  having glass dug out of my foot. I stepped on a piece of glass a few days after surgery and I thought I got it all out, but I didn’t and it developed into a big nasty painful bump that I had to have frozen and cut open to dig the glass out. It was OWWWWWIE!!!

Movement:   Got quite the wiggly one in there! Par for the course with my babbies.

Food cravings/aversions:   Pork is soooo not my friend!! If even the slightest bit crosses my lips I have to run to the nearest appropriate receptacle to vomit.  Still no real cravings though.

Belly Button in or out?:  healed up really nicely. Looks like a regular innie for now.

Gender: I still feel boy. This pregnancy has been like deja-vu of the pregnancy with my Jellybean.

What I miss:  honestly, nothing right now. It’s been an incredible week and I feel exceptionally blessed.

What I am looking forward to: anatomy scan on Friday!! Shower tonight!!! We’re staying in a hotel room tonight- it’s been baths all week, but we can’t use the tub at all right now until the grout cures! 😦

Weekly Wisdom:   It might be a good thing the new girl has NO experience- that also means she won’t have any bad habits!! We hired a new receptionist for the office to cover my maternity leave- she’s starting early to make sure she’s trained in case I end up on bedrest- she’ll likely end up with the permanent position though, so I hope she learns fast!!!

Milestones:  we’ve purchased the mini-van. The ultimate family vehicle. I died a little inside, but I have to admit, I looooooooooove the cargo space and the features a mini-van offers.

Symptoms: lots of movement, still a bit nauseous, definitely showing.

And that’s all for now!