We’ve spent the last few nights in a hotel due to the whole bathroom reno, which looks fabulous, but has completely coated my entire house in about an inch and a half of dust! Also, preggo who also must work NEEDS a working bathroom, and mine was unusable for two days- and thus I was unable to shower. (we have a working toilet in the basement, but no tub or shower- the shower in the downstairs bath needs a new drain. and a floor).

But the point of this entry is to say a very happy birthday to my big big girl, PMG who turned 11 yesterday. And what an 11 year old she is. I have really seen her mature and grow in the last year, physically and mentally and emotionally. We finally have her meds worked out in a way that has been most effective. She is the greatest big sister ever as well. So many people “warned” me that she would resent her little sister wanting to tag along, and that the two would hate each other and just fight all the time, but I have never seen closer siblings in my life!! Most of that is thanks to PMG. Gremlin completely idolizes her, and instead of shrugging off her little sister, PMG eats it up and uses it to every advantage, teaching Gremlin everything she can think of.

PMG, you are an amazing big sister, and a treasure to me and your dad. You bring so much joy to those around you with your inquisitive and joyful demeanor. You are full of life and energy and I’m proud to call you my daughter.