How far along? 17w6d, according the U/S yesterday.

Bedrest so far: none at all! and still going strong. This is the first “check up” I’ve had that the OB was very positive and impressed with how well I’m doing! BP has been awesome, no signs of GD as yet, and my cervix is doing incredible!!!

Total weight gain/loss:  finally gained a lb… which is technically 2lbs up from last week… for a total of 1lb gained so far…

Maternity clothes?: hellz to the yes!! I am beginning to think I could seriously never wear non-maternity clothes again… except then I would only have like, six tops… I am very fortunate that I can still fit most of my straight-size tops due to the fact that I’ve actually gone down a size since becoming pregnant. I actually bought a straight-size (non-maternity, and non-plus-sized) bathing suit last week and shock of my life- it bloody fit!!!

G.D. : no sugar for you!! still going great. I’ve been REALLY REALLY anal retentive this time around with eating. Making certain that I eat protein first at every single meal and being sure to avoid things with high sugar content, while not completely depriving myself. I think the fact that I’m still mobile and not yet on bedrest also helps a lot!

Cervical Length?:  I gained a cm!!!! The TAC has surpassed our greatest expectations and actually increased my cervical length which was a measly 2.9cm when I started this pregnancy and is now a beautiful 3.9cm!! hooray!!!!

Labor signs: I was kind of a dumbass and dropped some papers behind our xer.ox machine at work, I then bent down to try to get them and accidentally drove the corner of our big front desk into my belly, which in turn caused some cramping for the remainder of the afternoon. Fortunately, I didn’t do any damage and the cramping stopped just fine on it’s own, but I’ve been told to be extra special careful in future and if I drop shit, make someone else pick it up!

Medications?: prenatals and proferrin (an iron supplement).

Sleep: better lately. Gremlin is still doing her early morning wake up, but it’s now occurring after 6 am instead of at 3 or 4.

Best moment this week:  anatomy scan! Finding out we are having a boy. I burst out crying so hard the U/S tech stopped because she thought something was wrong. I’ve felt a feeling of deja-vu this entire pregnancy, it’s been like being pregnant with Jellybean all over again, and finding out we are having a boy was very overwhelming. In a good way!!

Worst Moment this week:  having the afternoon of cramping. I was terrified that the doctor was going to make me stop working immediately; I felt terrible and was worried too that I had hurt myself being stupid.

Movement:   Lots of kicks and rolls, especially in the evenings. This little man is sitting transverse, so I get really good strong kicks on my left side, enough that even my husband can feel them. Was a little brat at the U/S though! refused to move at all to cooperate with the tech

Food cravings/aversions:   loving steaks and salads right now.

Belly Button in or out?:  healed up really nicely. Looks like a regular innie for now.

Gender: boy! my instincts were right once again!!

What I miss:  I miss the innocence of my first pregnancy. It was especially apparent prior to the anatomy scan, instead of just feeling excited and happy, I also felt afraid and nervous to find something wrong. It makes me bitter that I can’t just feel that bliss that “normal” pregnant women get to feel.

What I am looking forward to: Making it to my next appt on April 10th with NO complications so I can continue working!

Weekly Wisdom:  “you haven’t been wrong yet- why would you have been wrong this time” – my husband and I discussing how I knew all along we were having a boy.

Milestones:  anatomy scan

Symptoms: lots of movement, still occasional nausea, feeling weepy and hormonal

That’s it for this week! Tune in next week when (hopefully) nothing has changed!!!