As everyone can probably tell right now, I’ve given up any pretenses whatsoever of this being anything but a pregnancy blog. Oh well! In news OTHER than pregnancy, it should be an interesting week coming up at work- my doc is gone on holidays for a week and so we’ll have a locum (substitute doctor) who has used our charting system before but admits that she isn’t very good and will need help to use it- also, billing the old- fashioned way by hand= SUCK! Thankfully, a lot of “regulars” refuse to see a substitute doc, despite the fact that with computerized wcharting she has access to everything medically relevant in a matter of seconds, so we’ll have far fewer patients to see this week, which will hopefully translate into a week that isn’t a complete and utter cluster fuck.

*insert awkward segue here*

Which brings us to the weekly update

How far along? 19w1d – officially half-way!

Bedrest so far: none- did get sent home early on Tuesday due to an oh-so-fun chest infection kicking my ass! Which also brought my blood pressure up again- boo!!!

Total weight gain/loss:  I finally got my scale at home up and running again, and according to it I’ve gained 3 lbs.

Maternity clothes?: yes, yes, yes! The only thing that sucks is that both pairs of maternity pants I’ve bought are falling off me due to the shrinkage of everything but my belly. and boobs…. don’t even get me started on the boobs… they are ridiculous!!!

G.D. :still no signs to be seen!! hooray!

Cervical Length?: I’m going with the same as I had last week at the U/S. If anything changes, I’ll know in a couple of weeks- doc is doing another U/S at my appt on the 10th.

Labor signs:  starting to get some braxton hicks. The first one freaked me out a bit- I still live in terror of preterm labour- but it passed so quick and was almost un-noticeable, if I wasn’t so paranoid I probably wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

Medications?: prenatals and proferrin (an iron supplement), symbicort (an inhaler) and antibiotics that suck!!

Sleep: awesome! Gremlin is totally rocking her big-girl bed and hasn’t been waking up in the night since we moved her into her “new” room. She was so excited when it was finally all done, it was just adorable!!

Best moment this week:  mom and dad came to visit!! (my inlaws, not my parents) and I am sooooo happy to see them, and the girls are just thriving with all the grandparental attention- especially our shy little Gremlin- she had no hesitation running to Nana and covering her with love, and now almost prefers Nana cuddles to Mama ones even. Hubby thinks it’s great because normally it’s him that gets snubbed for me!

Worst Moment this week:  having a damn chest infection… feels like someone placed an anvil on my chest! 😦

Movement:  This is my mellowest baby so far- he’s facing towards my back this week, so I don’t feel as many kicks, but lots of squirms and rolls…

Food cravings/aversions:   I am most definitely a carnivore- especially beef.

Belly Button in or out?:  innie.

Gender: a sweet little man-child

What I miss:  I miss having a glass of wine once in a while. I also miss being able to take antibiotics that don’t make me feel like I want to curl up and die… My doc was a bit of a smart ass this week, when I complained about the awfulness, he said “it’s your fault you can’t take anything else!!” and then he ran away so I couldn’t smack him!

What I am looking forward to: April 10th and another U/S.

Weekly Wisdom:  take it with yogurt- that will help: advice from doc re: antibiotics from hell!!

Symptoms: lots of movement, resurgence of nausea, starting to get big- my belly doubled in size in the last week it seems

That’s it for this week! Tune in next week when (hopefully) nothing has changed!!!