How far along? 20 weeks

Bedrest so far: nada; and will hopefully avoid any at all this pregnancy- as long as I behave myself and don’t overdoing. Braxton Hicks have started already, so I have to pay attention and make sure they aren’t more than that!!

Total weight gain/loss:  still at the same 3lb gain. Surprised I haven’t gained more this week after my birthday-supper pig-out (steak, scallops, crab and the most delectable sour cream and chives mashed potatoes) and two different kinds of cake!! :S

Maternity clothes?: on the hunt now for some spring-ier mat clothes. It’s been wonderfully warm and sunny the past week and I’m chomping at the bit to start wearing capris and skirts!! Still too mucky for my ballet flats though 😦

G.D. :no signs of the dreaded GD, but a rep showed me the absolute COOLEST blood glucose monitor that is teeny and connects to the i.Phone and has a bunch of super cool features- like being able to email or text message your readings directly from your phone!! yes, I am a huge nerd, and tech gets me hot… medical tech is like the pinnacle of hotness for me!!

Cervical Length?: so far so good, as much as I know I’m still sitting solid at 3.9cm.

Labor signs:  nothing much. Braxton hicks… it’s really odd to think that at this stage in my last pregnancy I had been to emerg with contractions and spotting and placed on bedrest. It’s surreal a bit to be up and around and feel like I actually might have a “normal” pregnancy experience!! Aside from the extra ultrasounds and doc’s visits anyway. and having a uterus that is stitched shut…

Medications?: prenatals, proferrin, just finishing up the antibiotics and that is all!!

Sleep:been having some pretty epic nightmares the last week… mostly involving friction between the hubs and I, which is strange, because things are actually going quite well right now. We’ve started seeing someone for couple’s therapy in the last month, and have been really concentrating on reviving our “make other people want to vomit at our wonderfulness as a couple” relationship. The renos on the girls’ room and the bathroom are finally complete, so the stress from that is gone, so I really don’t know why I’m having terrible dreams. I hope it stops soon though- I miss sleep-gasms!!

Best moment this week:  Date night for my birthday with the hubs. It’s been almost a year since we were last able to go out just the two of us (ask me how hard it is to find a sitter when you  move half-way across the country and move into a small town where you know absolutely no one) and so it was amazing to just go out for dinner and talk, and take our time and really enjoy being out together.

Worst Moment this week:  4am wake-ups from horrible, no-good, very bad dreams!

Movement:  very mellow movements. Rootbeer really gets him moving, but for the most part, I’m not feeling a whole lot unless he’s rolling- he keeps himself tucked up pretty tight and when he IS kicking, he’s facing towards my back, so I don’t feel too much.

Food cravings/aversions:   Seafood!! I just can’t seem to get enough fish or shellfish. So far this week, I’ve had tuna twice, scallops, crab legs, and some baked breaded fish (I think was cod, or maybe it was halibut- it comes in a box!!) I’ve also had shrimp at least twice!! Once in this AMAZING spicy cream sauce on top of steak! YUM!!

Belly Button in or out?:  still an innie for now, but it’s starting to flatten out and look kinda weird!!

Gender: we be rockin the boy parts!!

What I miss:  this week I miss G&T… I’ve been drinking sparkling waters with lime but it’s just not the same!! 😦

What I am looking forward to: April 10, another U/S, and hopefully being given the clear to keep working another month!!

Weekly Wisdom:  My m.i.l. gave me some good advice after I made a pretty epic wifely-fail. My husband had spent most of the afternoon doing the finishing touches in the bathroom, getting the towel-bars up, mounting the over-john and making sure the linen tower was secure, etc and I noticed that the one towel bar was crooked and in my stupidity, I mentioned it immediately- it hurt his feelings a bit because instead of being overjoyed at all he’d done, I only seemed to point out the flaws. She told me to just let it go, and mention it at a later time AFTER gushing over the work he’d done. So I apologized and everything worked out.

Symptoms: for some reason I had a resurgence of nausea in the last week, feeling squirms and rolls, braxton hicks, getting very round!! I think this is going to be one very long little boy!!

and that’s all for now folks!! It’s time for me to get a wee little diva into bed!!