Not much going on here… hubby made brunch (yum!). Chocolate has been consumed… children are hyper from said chocolate consumption. Emilie has learned “pokey” and is now running all over the house giggling maniacally and poking everyone while going “pokey pokey pokey!!”. It’s hilarious!

How far along? 21 weeks 1 day

Bedrest so far: waiting for Tuesday and the next scan to see how the cervix is holding up. As of right now my boss, husband and OB are all leaning towards putting me on leave from work. I had a good little cry about it this weekend, but have started to come around to the idea that it might not be so bad to take the extra time to spend with my girls and my husband preparing for this L.O. At least I won’t be placed on full-bedrest, and so I’ll still be able to live a more-or-less normal life.

Total weight gain/loss:  nothing lost, nothing gained…

G.D. : after this weekend, I cannot guarantee that my sugar levels are *ahem* “optimal”…

Cervical Length?:  hopefully still good… felt some twinges throughout the week, so I’m hoping that Tuesday’s U/S shows no changes.

Labor signs:  just Braxton Hicks and few cervical twinges. Baby’s gone feet-down again and kicking lots so every once in a while I get a jolt through my cervix.

Medications?: prenatals and proferrin when I actually remember to take it; I’ve been neti-potting myself almost every night too due to allergic rhinitis (read: my nose is so congested it’s like trying to breathe through mud… sticky mud).

Sleep: my children are in cahoots against me!! This morning little miss Gremlin woke up at 5am demanding milk and to pet the baby, I was still pretty epically tired and didn’t want to wake the hubs so I grabbed her a cuppy and brought her to bed with me to have a snuggle. 30mins later and she’s starting to doze in my arms, so I poked hubby and asked him to take the little monster to bed. So she woke up again. I said screw it and just kept her there with me… she settled back in and fell asleep beside me, just for her baby brother in-utero to wake up and start kicking up the dickens… So much for sleeping in!!!

Best moment this week:  the pokey wars this morning. I love hearing my girls laughing and playing together.

Worst Moment this week: coming to the realization that I’m probably done working for the remainder of this pregnancy- I love my job and will miss it.

Movement: Tonnes more this week; little man has turned again and his feet & hands are pointing downwards. It’s awesome to feel him moving so much- not so awesome that I’m fighting the urge to piss myself almost constantly. Bladder hating little cretin!!

Food cravings/aversions:   Still wanting seafood!!

Belly Button in or out?:  looking less and less like a belly button! Gremlin is still calling all belly buttons “owies” from when she couldn’t touch my belly button because it was owie after they cut through it.

Gender: to my knowledge, we are still infested with a little man-child.

What I miss:  the feeling of “normalcy” during this pregnancy. I’ve had to embrace the fact that despite everything going well so far, and the TAC is holding well, I am NOT experiencing a normal pregnancy- I am still high risk and have to behave accordingly.

What I am looking forward to:  The next U/S on Tuesday; spending lots of time with my Gremlin.

Weekly Wisdom:  Speaking to my office manager this week about the possibility of going off work- she threatened to call my husband and asked if he agreed with my own assessment about me being just peachy and fine to continue working. She told me that she would be devastated if anything were to go wrong, and that she would feel much better if I was at home and closer to hospital just in case. She reassured me that the office would run just fine without me for now.

Symptoms: the usual… constant need to urinate. movement, BH, etc…

and now for my favorite time of the day!! naptime!!!!