Damn my cervix! Damn it straight to hell!

I suppose I should be happy that we’re still closed, and longer than when we started at 3.45cm; but 3.45cm is a lot less than 3.9cm. And so I’m done work for now. 😦 and I am very very sad. But at least it’s not full bedrest!!!

In good news, we are most definitely packing boy parts. I have to admit that there was a part of me, in the back of my mind that worried the tech was wrong and I had jumped the gun a bit by going gung-ho for little boy blue stuff – sidenote- I raise my kids more-or-less gender-neutral, but after the previous pink and purple pukesplosions that occurred after I had daughters, after being decidedly neutral throughout all of my previous pregnancies, it is somewhat of a novelty to be able to figuratively shout “team blue” from the rooftops! And PUPPIES!! omg the puppies on little boy stuff are just so. darn. cute!!

And so, little man is tucked in safe and sound (for now) and completely frank breech, which is probably why my cervix is pissed off. Little beast is weighing in at approximately 14oz already too! Which actually makes me pretty glad I’m having a c-section since if he’s already 14oz at 21 weeks, how big is this little porker going to be at term??!!!

So yeah… time to find myself a hobby for the next 16ish weeks… Besides running after Gremlin and nesting that is… :S