How far along? 23 weeks- ish… Still some debate happening on WHEN exactly I am due- it’s all pretty much moot since I’ll be having a c-section and they’ll u/s to make sure baby is ready and take him as early as is safe without risking uterine rupture from the stitch.

Bedrest so far: no bedrest, but I am on medical leave. Supposed to be taking it easy… hah! This doc doesn’t know me at ALL!!! But in all honesty, I’ve been doing really well keeping my feet up and not pushing myself despite all of the things that still need to be done before this little man arrives!

Total weight gain/loss:  nothing lost, nothing gained…

G.D. : so far so good… a couple more weeks of freedom until I must undergo the orange drink of barftasticness

Cervical Length?:  it shrunk… hence the restrictions. It’s still longer than what it started at (sitting at 3.45cm)- but having lost 1/2 cm in a month makes my doc nervous. Also making doc nervous is me almost fainting in B.R.U…. boourns!!

Labor signs: Braxton Hicks- which is freaking out my husband, but other than some of them being mildly uncomfortable is no biggy. Nothing else though!

Medications?: prenatals, and I just finished up a course of vaginal goop for a yeast infection- which, I now know is the most vile awful thing known to woman! I’ve known women who get them chronically, and I just have to ask- how the hell do you not want to claw off your own genitals?? for realz?? VILE AND AWFUL!!!

Sleep: meh. kicks are now getting strong enough to wake me up… of course, said kicks are all aimed more or less squarely at my bladder, which means I get up to pee about fifteen thousand times a night.

Best moment this week:  getting the wagon out and going to meet PMG on the way home from school. The girls were both thrilled; also, picking up the flooring for the remaining two upstairs bedrooms, and also picking out and putting a deposit on the sofa for the basement rec room!! squeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Worst Moment this week: dealing with serious attitude issues from PMG. She’s been acting like a spoiled rotten brat- and like her father to boot… It’s seriously like living with that abusive, manipulative prick all over again and it’s not doing good things for my state of mind, OR my marriage. It’s getting increasingly difficult to deal with her behaviour, and I’m about tapped out of ideas for how to put up with her.

Movement: we have hiccups… and lots of really good, strong kicks and punches. Feels like I have wrestlemania going on in my belly some days!!

Food cravings/aversions:   I got the most intense craving for turtle tart from this bakery back in manitoba- which of course, I cannot have!! boo!!!

Belly Button in or out?:  weird hybrid button… it looks really really odd is about all I can say about it.

Gender: DEFINITELY boy… lol. He was more than happy to show off during the last u/s! He’s definitely his father’s son, that’s for sure!!

What I miss:  freedom!! My husband’s been pretty protective since I was placed on medical leave from work- I pretty much haven’t been able to go out solo because he worries s0 much!! He worries too that I keep things from him and that I won’t tell him if I’m contracting to spare him from being stressed. Poor man is at his wit’s end with me!

What I am looking forward to:  Viability!!!

Weekly Wisdom:  I sooo need to change this because I never have anything good to say!!!

Symptoms: same as always…