How far along?  I’ve reached viability!!! woot!!! 24 glorious weeks!

Bedrest so far:  technically none, but I had an episode of pretty wicked BHC’s that stayed irregular but happening pretty frequently, so I’ve been taking it really really easy the last few days. Also had an abysmal “fibro day” where it hurt to move or even breathe, so I laid in bed most of the day…

Total weight gain/loss:  still holding with about 3lbs gained total for this pregnancy… don’t know how- I’ve been lax in sticking to the GD diet the past week!!

G.D. : still doing good there too! even though I’ve been bad this week- I’m still waiting on some moolah to come in so I can order the sexy new glucometer I covet!

Cervical Length?: no news is good news… my next appt is on the 8th– I’ll know more then.

Labor signs: some pretty wicked Braxton Hicks and some lower back spasms- which could just be from the little passenger squirming so much and growing nice and big!

Medications?: prenatals

Sleep: I pee freely… some nights I sincerely wonder if I would be able to just sleep better if I wore an adult diaper and didn’t get up to pee at all… then I think how icky that would be and remember that I know how to self-catheterize (during my senior nursing practicum, one of the skills we had to “check off” was teaching someone self-catheterization) and wonder if you can buy sterile catheter kits in a pharmacy and/or if you need a prescription for them. Don’t judge- I loves me some sleep dammit!!

Best moment this week:   starting on the nursery reno… we had to sand down the walls because the previous owners had painted stripes and stenciled some fugly crap in a border – we also picked up the new flooring for the nursery and master bedroom that matches the girls’ room. It’s a pretty dark brown laminate wood floor- I luuuuurves it!!

Worst Moment this week:  Gremlin took not one, but TWO tumbles yesterday, one out of her wagon because she stood up JUST as PMG was going over a bump which caused a wicked road-rash in the middle of her forehead; and the second from the top bunk of their bunkbeds, which she more-or-less landed on her feet for and wasn’t injured except for a wicked scrape and bruise on the middle of her nose from where she bonked it when she came over the railing… I swear this kid is trying to kill her father and I from massive coronaries before she is two!!!

Movement:  there’s a party in my bell-eh!!

Food cravings/aversions:   spicy!! So far this week I’ve had buffalo wing-loaded potato casserole, enchiladas, curry, hot-wing nachos, spicy smoked sausage, and homemade salsa… I can’t seem to get enough of the spice! With PMG I craved spicy foods too- I actually ate pickled jalapenos out of the jar with her!

Belly Button in or out?:  getting flatter… Gremlin loves to “pokey owie”! She thinks it’s hilarious to watch me squirm.

Gender: sweet little man-child…

What I miss:  being able to take things for granted. I’ve been dealing with a whole lot of selfish asshole this week and it makes me furious that people just. don’t. GET. it… I’m not fucking with other people’s plans to be a dick, I HAVE to take it easy so that I don’t put my baby’s AND my life at risk. I’m sorry that the fact that my husband can’t just abandon me with two children for 8 hours inconveniences you, but I’m pretty goddamn certain that having a dead wife and/or baby would be a hell of a lot more inconvenient to HIM- therefore, my needs trump yours and you need to just get the fuck over yourself!! ~end rant~

What I am looking forward to:   I’m hoping we can discuss potential c-section dates at my next appt. I’m a planner and would like to have a more definite outline than “we’ll see when we get closer”. Also, hubby is itching to have it done for his birthday (7 aug)- so to be able to give a definitive yes or no to his request would be awesome!

Weekly Wisdom:  “I already want to take a nap tomorrow.” This is so true for me this week- my fibromyalgia has been really kicking my ass!

Symptoms: the sciatica has started… I’ve never hated my ass before… until now…